A day like today

Despite the fact that it is the end of the semester, when projects and papers seem to crash down on you...
and despite the fact that i've only had 4 hours of sleep...

today has been wonderful.

I breezed through my first two classes and dominated a test in the third.

I actually got some a decent homestyle meal at lunch with my roommate.

My homework was all low maintenance, so I got to work with Supernatural episodes playing in the background.

After a classmate interview for a friend's senior thesis, I went to the baseball game with a couple roommates. The weather was absolutely perfect for sitting at the diamond and enjoying the game.
[Ball State even won!]

Then we decided that since we already had a car with us, we would hit up Bdubs for dinner. It was amazing!

Then we came back and played volleyball on our dorm's front lawn until the sun went down.

After a relaxing shower, and some overdue blogging, I am just about ready for bed. Lack of sleep sure has caught up to me.

So, I'm mellowing out to some Sara Bareilles and finishing up a few things before heading off to dreamland.

Here's to the happiest of Humpdays and a lovely end-of-the-week to come!