T2T: U.S. Cities

Being a girl craving the city life, I already have an idea of where I want to go.
Still, there are so many choices and it's hard to pick a couple favorites.

San Francisco, CA
Ever since my first visit to this dreamy city on a family vacation, I have been fascinated by it and cannot wait to return. I love the combination of hills, ocean, and sky line, all blanketed with clouds in the morning and graced with pleasant weather all year. And who doesn't love some San Fran clam chowder in a bread bowl? Best meal on the pier. :)

Ocean City, MA
While not a legit city by definition of skyline, I loved Ocean City for the first time I was there. It is very quaint, right on the ocean, and has a great boardwalk. I always envisioned this place as those bubbly tourist bowls during the summer, and then clearing out except for the locals come fall in a "Boys of Summer" lyrical fashion.

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Mind Right Mondays

Goals for the Week:
  • Get a decent amount of sleep each night
  • Mark off some things on my to-do list
  • Stay happy and relaxed to avoid headaches
  • Keep up the job hunt
Grateful for:
  • My roommates
  • Family
  • Music
  • Time
  • Good times
  • Jamba Juice
  • Sushi
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Bring on the rabbit food.

One night and day at home and I had enough junk food to last me a month.
I hit up a few of my favorites, taking advantage of non-campus food:

(ok, so we have this on campus.
but it's still a guilty favorite)

coney dogs, mozzarella sticks, peanut butter shakes, and cherry limeades

bdubs has some good fried roasted garlic mushrooms...
dunked in ranch.

chips 'n queso and nachos supremos.
'nuff said.

Oh, and it was my dad's birthday, so we had some peach cobbler.

So my body and wallet both hate me right about now.
It's time to get back to some of these foods...

It's go time.


Longest first week of the semester EVER.

I feel like it should be Christmas Break already.
But, I have made some changes that will make my life easier...
For example, dropping my Econ. class.
But, I'll keep that discounted WSJ subscription ;)

What I will LOVE about this semester:
-living in a suite means i get to see my closest friends even when we all have ridiculously busy schedules.
-I am now a chief designer at the BSU Daily News, so I will be getting paid (very little, but it's something)
-my aerobics instructor is crazy awesome and it should be a good time
-I am going to Denver with Society for News Design next month
-I am in my first official graphics class :)

What I will HATE about this semester:
-still going home once a month to work
-parking on the other side of campus
-expensive laundry

I'll share more new semester fun next week :)


"Sunday mornin' when the paper comes, let's read it front to back and see what's goin' on..."

So right now I prefer to get my news from these types of outlets...


I have been trying to become more...worldly...i guess you could say.
So, I occasionally skim stuff like this...

And now, thanks to my Econ class, i will be required to subscribe to this...

I guess it's time to start paying attention to stuff other than the new fall fashions and Hollywood's best and worst...


so. much. STUFF.

So for these last couple days before I move back to Ball State, I have been scrambling to finish up my online classes, as well as pack up my life and clean my room.

At first, I was thinking that since I had learned what I did and didn't need last year, I would be heading to Muncie with a lot less stuff. This does not seem to be the case, though.

Apparently, I just feel the need to have nearly my entire room from home with me at school. Plus, my friends and I have a suite this year, and I have most of the big ticket furniture for the common room.

Here's just the basics of my packing list:

furniture and such
overstuffed chair and ottoman
book shelf
tall floor lamp
bathroom storage cart
2 rugs
dresser/TV stand
storage cube

extra pillows and blankets
dvd/vcr combo

guilty pleasures
my entire DVD collection (in a CD wallet, no cases)
guitar (because for some reason I think I'll have time to learn to play)
my embarrassing but awesome collection of coloring books and crayola products (coloring is good for stress!)
my PS2 with DDR and SingStar games (hello, karaoke and dance parties!)
sno-cone maker (no comment)
many pictures of the people i will miss

Honestly, it is going to take a miracle to pack all of this stuff into just a truck and car!


Extreme clean

2 weeks from tomorrow,
I move back to Ball State
for my sophomore year of college.

Of course, my room at home has been a
tidy WRECK
all summer.

There was a lot of stuff hiding on my floor...

-multiple loads of laundry
-11 dvd movies/tv season (in their cases luckily!)
-4 vhs tapes
-at least a dozen books
-12 magazines
-lots of trash (ugh!)
-about 5 pairs of flip flops

still searching for: my check book (yikes!)

This is just unacceptable.
I don't have this problem when I'm at school.
(I guess sharing a dorm room makes me feel obligated to be tidier.)

Regardless, I am going to try from this next clean room and forward,
to be more organized and clean when it comes to my living quarters.

(God help me.)


I want to be...

Unafraid to grab life by the reigns and chase my dreams.
Have the courage to be me, and not another society conformist.
Take a chance on new experiences.
Stand up for my own beliefs.

To take control of my life and give it structure.
To be the best I possibly can.
To live without regret.
To accomplish what I feel is impossible.

To not be discouraged.
To stay in control.
To follow my heart, but listen to my head.

To break out of my routined rut.
To learn by experience, not just books.
To find out who I really am, not who I am expected to be.