Yes, I know it is Wednesday, but I just was overwhelmed with free time yesterday and decided to catch up on The Hills before the premiere.
And I just have to say: Kristin Cavalleri, get outta here.
The show was so much better when Lauren Conrad was on it.
As for Mrs. Pratt, she looked prettiest when we first met her as Heidi Montag.

Anyways, on to my top 2 favorite things about summer!

I love getting on a plane and getting out of Indiana for a while.
Or in car, or on a boat...heck, I'll take a train!
I always have at least a few places I go each summer, near and far.
This year, I'll be heading to Salt Lake City (once again), Gatlinburg, Bloomington (not very far, I know), and possibly a weekend in Virginia.
Oh, and a couple day trips to Chicago and Cincinnati.
Bring on the sunshine and good times!

I play so much softball in the summer and love it.
I'm in such withdrawal since I've been and school and can't wait to get back on the field.
It's pretty much how I spend my Sunday, Monday, and Friday nights in the summers.
And there's always other little tournaments and added nights. :)


Winding down

Just 2 weeks to go.

Last week = awful
I couldn't be more happy that it is over.

This week, well, I'm hoping it will be good.
Less to do, that's for sure.

And then I just have a couple of finals to study for next week.

Then there is the whole packing up to go home thing.
That will be interesting.

Who knows what kind of junk I have collected over the last couple of semesters.
Or how much food in my room has gone bad.
(Something definitely smells funky by my desk. Gross!)
I'll be sure to let you know what I find. ;)

Despite these weeks being the last of the semester,
and supposedly the most stressful,
I don't feel stressed anymore.

And I think I'll be updating quite a bit.
Thank God, because I have definitely been slacking.


So...am I official now? :)

Awards? For blogging? Who knew?!
Well, I'll take it!
Thanks to my amazing sister
Jenn Gwynn @ Jagged Little Life
for the honor.

The rules............
Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
List 10 things about yourself
List 5 additional things you DON'T like!
Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

10 things about me...
1. I spend way too much time with social media.
I have a Facebook, Twitter, a blog, and I am considering starting up a Tumblr site.
I don't think I've even shut down my old MySpace.
2. My dream's exist way above my head.
They rise above reality and make me strive for the extreme to make them come true.
3. I always have and always will love the sport of softball.
In the summer I play in 3 to 4 leagues and love every minute.
4. My favorite color varies with my mood.
It usually floats between green, blue, and purple.
5. I could live in flip flops. FOREVER.
However, due to foot injuries over the years,
I have to wear tennis shoes every once in a while to avoid excessive pain.
6. I have the most random taste in entertainment.
My movie, music, and book collections are all so random,
but in my opinion, amazing.
7. I am a major procrastinator. See my previous post.
8. I also have terrible time management skills.
Anything more appealing than homework wins every time.
9. Driving around is one of my favorite hobbies.
The music and the wind are sometimes the best company you can have.
10. I often live on impulse.
At least when it comes to small things,
like how to spend my time.
Oh, and shopping.
(I need to do something about that last one!)

And 5 things I don't like...
1. I always get migraines. Silent ones, normal ones, they all suck.
My aunt keeps telling me to see a doctor and get some real medication.
2. When I'm really tired, or am just not thinking at all,
I say random, stupid things.
And every time after I say it,
I'm just like, "Really? I'm a dork."
3. I am awful at saving money.
So much so that when I was typing that,
I automatically started to type "spending money."
4. I am terrible at keeping my room clean at home.
Even though I am away at college,
my room at home still looks like a tornado went through it.
5. I take things too literally sometimes,
which is ironic, because I am extremely sarcastic.

I am passing this award on to 1 lovely bloggers (haha)..
Because sadly,
besides my sister who presented me with this award,
this is the only blogger I know.

Kristin @ KB-In Real Life

Check her out!
She showcases her photography :)

Crunch time

Ok, so it is obvious that I've been really busy lately. So much so that I have not updated in over a week. (Yikes!)

But if you've been to college, you know these last few weeks are basically INSANE. I'm not sure I've ever been this stressed in my life.

I'm going to have to leave my blog design alone for now, but at least I left it on something clean, and not looking like a hot mess. I'll have more time for creativity come summer.

Right now, I'm just focusing on getting everything done. I have a papers due Thursday and Friday, and a final project due on Thursday as well. I'm pretty much either A) not going to sleep this week or B) failing half of my classes. And we all know I'm not the failing type... ;)

Then once this week is over, I'll have the weekend to gear up for another week of the same thing.

At least I know it is coming to an end. And soon.


Work in progress

Okay, so I know my blog looks pathetic right now, but I'm working on it, I promise!
I'm just having a hard time being satisfied with what I come up with.

Until I do, be prepared for random backgrounds and tons of mismatch.


Wishful Wednesday

So it's spring. The warm weather, the rain, allergies...did I mention the rain? It's also that time of year when everyone starts thinking about getting back into shape...or planning once again to get into shape for real. This Wishful Wednesday is about what diet program you wish you had the willpower to stay on. Well, as for the diet part, I just wish I would drink more milk and eat more fruits and veggies. My real wish is that I had the discipline to push through this workout plan...

The 30 Day Shred

You all know Jillian Michaels from the Biggest Loser. Well her killer workout is supposed to help you shed up to 20 pounds in 30 days. I tried this last year, but after a couple of days I would let the determination fade because I would just be too tired at the end of the day. Well, I am determined to make it work this summer! You know, mixed in with my tons of softball and such. :)


TOP TWO TUESDAY -> Magazines

I am a magazine junkie, so this week's topic is right up my alley! As a journalism graphics major, I am a nerd about picking up any publication and examining its design and all around focus, but I am also a devoted reader of many magazines out there. But for now, here's my top 2 favorites, and just for fun, a favorite from my younger years.

1. Glamour. To me, it's Cosmo but with less sex. I think this magazine focuses more on everything about being a healthier, more beautiful, and more knowledgeable woman inside and out. I respect most of the women that grace the magazine's cover each month and enjoy finding out about the down-to-earth appeal of many of them.

2. Teen Vogue. This magazine became a favorite of mine after its redesign. It's smaller size suits it and the design is playful and appealing. As for the content, I'm definitely beginning to grow out of its target audience, but I still admire the focus. It does place emphasis on fashion and beauty, and I like how they venture outside of comfort zones and challenge young women to make fashion their own. Outside of the fashion world though, this magazine tackles important, relevant issues. (And they also will occasional look outside Hollywood's brightest spotlight and feature lesser-known stars on their covers.)

Flashback favorite: Girl's Life. I was obsessed with this magazine as a pre-teen. I can't even remember much about it, but I do remember that I excitedly awaited its appearance in my mailbox each month. I would then proceed to read it cover-to-cover that same day.

Want to play along? Link up here and get in on the action!



When did the days just start flying by? I am now down to...

1 month and 5 days until my freshman year at Ball State is over,

1 month and 5 days to figure out the gist of my summer plans,

4 months and 17 days to find a job for the next school year,

9 months to fulfill my New Year's resolutions.

I guess I should get started on some of that.

Luckily, most of my summer plans are set in stone...

In June I will return to Salt Lake City for a visit with my sister, nephew, and brother-in-law (better known as The Gwynns).

At some point I will be spending a week in Gatlinburg with some of my closest friends in one of their family's cabins. Yes, this is a similar view, and yes, there is a hot tub. :)

Also at some point I am going with my friend Kelly and some company up to Chicago to a Cubs game. I hear the seats are killer!

As for the rest of my free time...
I will be working when needed at the bank...

taking online classes...

and making the most of summer. Well, I'll do what I can. It is Indiana.

But hey, I do have my More Than Corn challenge...

What are you doing this summer?