So...am I official now? :)

Awards? For blogging? Who knew?!
Well, I'll take it!
Thanks to my amazing sister
Jenn Gwynn @ Jagged Little Life
for the honor.

The rules............
Accept and thank the person who gave it to you!
List 10 things about yourself
List 5 additional things you DON'T like!
Then pick ten people to give this lovely award to!

10 things about me...
1. I spend way too much time with social media.
I have a Facebook, Twitter, a blog, and I am considering starting up a Tumblr site.
I don't think I've even shut down my old MySpace.
2. My dream's exist way above my head.
They rise above reality and make me strive for the extreme to make them come true.
3. I always have and always will love the sport of softball.
In the summer I play in 3 to 4 leagues and love every minute.
4. My favorite color varies with my mood.
It usually floats between green, blue, and purple.
5. I could live in flip flops. FOREVER.
However, due to foot injuries over the years,
I have to wear tennis shoes every once in a while to avoid excessive pain.
6. I have the most random taste in entertainment.
My movie, music, and book collections are all so random,
but in my opinion, amazing.
7. I am a major procrastinator. See my previous post.
8. I also have terrible time management skills.
Anything more appealing than homework wins every time.
9. Driving around is one of my favorite hobbies.
The music and the wind are sometimes the best company you can have.
10. I often live on impulse.
At least when it comes to small things,
like how to spend my time.
Oh, and shopping.
(I need to do something about that last one!)

And 5 things I don't like...
1. I always get migraines. Silent ones, normal ones, they all suck.
My aunt keeps telling me to see a doctor and get some real medication.
2. When I'm really tired, or am just not thinking at all,
I say random, stupid things.
And every time after I say it,
I'm just like, "Really? I'm a dork."
3. I am awful at saving money.
So much so that when I was typing that,
I automatically started to type "spending money."
4. I am terrible at keeping my room clean at home.
Even though I am away at college,
my room at home still looks like a tornado went through it.
5. I take things too literally sometimes,
which is ironic, because I am extremely sarcastic.

I am passing this award on to 1 lovely bloggers (haha)..
Because sadly,
besides my sister who presented me with this award,
this is the only blogger I know.

Kristin @ KB-In Real Life

Check her out!
She showcases her photography :)

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