The screaming-it-in-my-head-but-would-never-say-that-acronym-out-loud-in-real-life moments of the day.

Driving to work when a spider drops from the ceiling of my car. It's probably a miracle I'm still alive to tell the tale. Not because the spider bit me. Or even touched me. But because I could have easily crashed the car. It was terrifying. Thank God for the red light I came upon so I could quickly kill the little bugger. Did you know that over half a million accidents a year are caused by insect distractions? Like I said, I could have died. #OMGscary

Surprise! I won the Irish National Lottery! 891,934 pound sterlings, to be exact. Or so the spam email says. Who knew being a mere Internet user could be so worthwhile. #OMGannoying

Realizing a couple more interns have arrived. Let's be honest, I have been incredibly homesick this past week. Which is weird, because I have never been homesick before. But I think it was because I know absolutely no one out here (on the Cape, at least) and so it was pretty much me, myself, and I. Now that some lovely young people my age and in the same situation are here, I have friends. And it will make all the difference. #OMGrelieved


Lies I tell myself

Sometimes, a little denial is OK. Other times, it becomes a problem and action should probably be taken. These little lies I tell myself every day are kind of in limbo between the two.

1. I will get more done in Starbucks where there is no comfy bed lulling me to sleep. Wrong. Because even though I won't be snuggling with a pillow, the second biggest distraction is still present: the internet. It's more of an excuse to buy overpriced coffee while I procrastinate. That said, I'm in Starbucks right now writing this post while my books are still in my bag. Cool times.

2. I'll watch just one more episode, then go to sleep/do my homework/get out of the house. You know, that's the thing about TV shows. When it's a drama, every episode ends in a cliff-hanger. And you just have to know what happens next, right away. Or if you're watching YouTube, it's a black hole in itself, because one video leads to a slew of others. You just can't win until it's so late you pass out.

3. I'll wake up early tomorrow. It will happen. No, no it won't. Did you see what I just wrote about one more episode? Well you are up half the night watching pointless TV, you are going to sleep in until noon if you have nothing else to be up for. I have always wanted to be a morning person, but that wish is a long way from coming true.

4. It's OK to survive on peanut butter sandwiches and ravioli for 10 weeks. It just isn't. While peanut butter sandwiches are good no matter how old you are, and $1 cans of ravioli hit the spot every time, that just isn't healthy. Two weeks has been acceptable-ish, but I need to go to a real grocery store. (I promise, this is not what happens during the school year. It's just way more expensive by yourself!)

5. You will win the jackpot next time you go to Vegas. Get real.


An open letter to the jetty at Provincetown

Dear jetty,

You beautiful, mesmerizing jetty.

You are a tricky little fella. You make a girl think 'Oh, 1.2 miles is nothing. That doesn't look too bad.' And then you reveal your true self. That isn't a leisurely stroll along the waters. It's a hike.

Don't get me wrong. You were beautiful, and well worth it. But just for the record, my leg muscles still hate you right now.

Also, your friends the sand dunes are also on my love/hate relationship list. I just wanted to visit Mr. Lighthouse in the distance. I figured I had already come over a mile, let's just go a little further then go back.

But no, I ended up stranded on the other side of the dunes with no way to get back. My own footprints stretched behind me like a wanderer in the desert.

I finally cut back over at a place I'm not sure I was supposed to be walking, just to find I had overshot the jetty by about a half mile or so.

You can just imagine my joy. Both literally — because I was glad to actually not be lost anymore — but also sarcastically — for all I wanted was to be back at my car, but I still had to fight back to the jetty before even trekking back across it.

OK, so this is starting to sound all bitter. I'm sorry. My pain is a good one, because you know, exercise is good for you and all.

And it really was quite beautiful. I even sat down for a minute at the end of the jetty and wrote before crossing back, as if I were some modern day Henry David Thoreau. Yeah, no use. It was really just an excuse to rest.

But I made it back. I conquered you Mr. Jetty. I am am ecstatic. Because this is prettiest piece of world I have seen in a long time. I'm not even mad at you for only giving me a short time to walk through the actual town of Provincetown.

The view — and the workout — were well worth it.

I may even visit you again.



From the desert to the sea

So I guess you could say that between my last sunny afternoon at the pool in Vegas and this past weekend was sort of a blur.

I could not have asked for a better vacation to start my summer. I had a great time with my family and ended it with a nice dinner with a friend. Megan and I hit up Firefly in Henderson before I left for Indy, and it was wonderful! And the view from the patio wasn't half bad, either. Sunsets seem to last forever out there.

Once I made it back to Indy, it was laundry and an eye appointment and packing...plus a final, partial family dinner. Then, I was off for the east coast.

The weather was near perfect for both days of the drive. My accommodations between, though...not so much. Pretty sure I was in that hotel for less than 12 hours and it was still too long. The cleanest part was the bathroom. I should have just slept in the tub.

Anyways...for as long as I was driving — almost 17 hours! — I have to say it wasn't boring. I knew Ohio was hilly, but I didn't know it just kept getting better the further east you go. New York state took my breath away the whole way through. (Except for my hotel, but that's it!)

But I made it! And I'm so excited to be here in Cape Cod. The couple hosting me is wonderful and very friendly. The past summers they have housed Cape League baseball players, but this year they took me instead. The house is a mere 10 minute walk from the beach. Gale is a retired teacher and taught Cape Cod history, so I have learned a lot about the area, and John is a fun guy who reminds me of my dad at times.

I have big plans for my 10 weeks here, full of free baseball games, ferry rides, exploring all the towns of Cape Cod (but maybe not all the villages — yes, there's a difference), consuming lots of seafood, hiking trails, dipping my feet in the three bodies of water that touch the Cape Cod shore...and more adventures, I'm sure.

And my internship at the Cape Cod Times! Obviously. I just had my first day, and I can tell it is going to be a great experience. I'm excited to get training over with and just dive right in. :)


Karaoke, sore muscles and tan lines

To say it has been an eventful few days out here in Las Vegas would be an understatement.

Saturday I was picked up from the airport and promptly headed to Fremont Street. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some crappy Mexican and undrinkable margaritas. (I had to ask for something to dilute it because it was so strong!) Then we just hung out, drinking and gambling and singing. Yes, my two sisters and I did karaoke. I still can't believe that happened. Just like I can't believe that guy in the last photo above photo bombed us. Props, dude.

Sunday we decided the cure to hangovers was some hiking. On the way out to Red Rock we stopped in Blue Diamond to visit the wild burros. (They weren't out last time I was there!) Then we spent some time in the Calico Hills and the water fall trails. And as per usual, my muscles were super sore the next day. (Totally worth it though.) Caleb was sorely limited because he had a little cousin following him, but everyone still had a great time. I can't count how many times Jared fell that day though. On a trail because he was telling people to 'look out for the cactus!' and in the sub shop while picking up dinner...and that's just to name a couple.

That night we ate at the Planet Hollywood buffet. So expensive, but really good. I mean, buffets in Vegas are sort of an experience in themselves ;)  Then we headed over to the Bellagio to check out the conservatory. It was so pretty for spring, with flowers galore, a carousel and brick bridge over a pond. Then we got outside just in time for the 8:30 fountain show.

Monday, my mom and the Kempf clan left at an ungodly morning hour, and Caleb had to go back to school. But Jenn still had the day off, so we hit up Cabo Wabo for lunch on the patio and some people watching. Then we walked through the Cosmo and Aria before heading back for an afternoon at the pool. And I officially have my first tan lines in over a year! 

I got some In-N-Out (animal style!) on our way to the Palms in the evening. We gambled a little then saw "The Lucky One." The movie? Pretty good. The theater? Needs better security. About halfway though the movie Jenn suddenly leans forward and is like "Do you hear that? I swear there is something behind these seats!" I look down the row and the guy that had moved there previously was gone. We move down a row, whispering about it, and this girl in the next row tells us what she saw, too. This guy had been sliding up the stairs on the ground! We saw him pop up at the other end of the back row from where we were, (meaning he had to have gone behind us between the seats and wall!) climb out, pull up his hood to shield his face and run down the stairs to leave. We were pretty freaked out, along with the other girl who had witnessed it. SO CREEPY.

I don't think we will go to any more movies there...

Nonetheless, I have about 24 more hours before I head back to Indiana for a couple days. Just enough time to catch up with my friend Megan who moved out here in December to work at the Las Vegas Sun!

I'd say it has been a pretty successful vacation. :)


Summer goodbyes

Well, another semester has come and gone.
And I say goodbye to my junior year.

It's also the first year I've had a good chunk of friends graduating,
so I had to say goodbye and wish them luck in the real world.
One more year, and that will be me.
A little scary.

This summer holds a lot of goodbyes for me, though.
My internship on the east coast begins in about a week,
but I just finished my previous one last night.

So many kind words said.
So many memories had.
Whether they know it and believe it, or not,
all the people I worked with at The Star Press had an impact on me.

I also had to say goodbye to my roommates.
They are all still in Muncie, and will be for most of the summer,
But I'm already embarking on my first adventure.

In fact, I'm posting from the Denver airport, on just a short layover before meeting my family in Las Vegas.

Just a few days, though, and I will have to say goodbye to them, as well, before heading off to Cape Cod for 10 weeks, then London for 3 more.

I think it has just recently hit me about how much I am going to miss this summer.

Mother's Day, Father's Day, birthdays, farewells...
Looking back at myself a few years ago, I had a whatever attitude and figured phone calls would solve everything. But those feelings have changed.

But it's going to be hard. It will be the first time I'm in a place by myself with nobody I know.
At all.

And I'm going to miss my family and friends dearly, but I know that goodbye is a part of life. And this summer is going to show me how the rest of my life will be if I move away.

I hate to say it, but thank goodness for the Internet. How would anyone keep up with me if I didn't blog/post on Facebook and Twitter/Instagram my surroundings?!

But really, I'm going to keep up with my blog more this summer. And Facebook and Twitter are constants.

Everyone at home will be able to keep up with my summer, and goodbye will be hello before I know it.