From the desert to the sea

So I guess you could say that between my last sunny afternoon at the pool in Vegas and this past weekend was sort of a blur.

I could not have asked for a better vacation to start my summer. I had a great time with my family and ended it with a nice dinner with a friend. Megan and I hit up Firefly in Henderson before I left for Indy, and it was wonderful! And the view from the patio wasn't half bad, either. Sunsets seem to last forever out there.

Once I made it back to Indy, it was laundry and an eye appointment and packing...plus a final, partial family dinner. Then, I was off for the east coast.

The weather was near perfect for both days of the drive. My accommodations between, though...not so much. Pretty sure I was in that hotel for less than 12 hours and it was still too long. The cleanest part was the bathroom. I should have just slept in the tub.

Anyways...for as long as I was driving — almost 17 hours! — I have to say it wasn't boring. I knew Ohio was hilly, but I didn't know it just kept getting better the further east you go. New York state took my breath away the whole way through. (Except for my hotel, but that's it!)

But I made it! And I'm so excited to be here in Cape Cod. The couple hosting me is wonderful and very friendly. The past summers they have housed Cape League baseball players, but this year they took me instead. The house is a mere 10 minute walk from the beach. Gale is a retired teacher and taught Cape Cod history, so I have learned a lot about the area, and John is a fun guy who reminds me of my dad at times.

I have big plans for my 10 weeks here, full of free baseball games, ferry rides, exploring all the towns of Cape Cod (but maybe not all the villages — yes, there's a difference), consuming lots of seafood, hiking trails, dipping my feet in the three bodies of water that touch the Cape Cod shore...and more adventures, I'm sure.

And my internship at the Cape Cod Times! Obviously. I just had my first day, and I can tell it is going to be a great experience. I'm excited to get training over with and just dive right in. :)

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