Stressful summer?

Last time I checked, summer was supposed to be relaxing.
Obviously, this has not been the case, for I haven't posted anything for almost 2 weeks now.

I PROMISE this will change.
I just have to get my life together.

Right now, I am all work, online classes, and still working on getting stuff moved back into my room.
And I am up in Muncie one night a week designing for the newspaper.

But soon, I will be doing all of this, and having free time for things such as taking naps, hanging out with friends, leisure reading, and, oh yeah, blogging.

Patience please. :)



Well haven't I been the bad little blogger.

It is now MAY.  I have survived my freshman year of college, leaving Muncie with good grades, great memories, and amazing new friends.  I'm not going to lie, I'm excited to go back in August.

So I left the stress of finals week with the desire to sleep, sleep, and, oh yeah, SLEEP.
I slept for about 8 hours Thursday night.  It was nice, sort of like sleeping in compared to what sleep I had been getting.
BUT, since Friday morning, I've been up before 8 am every day.  Sometimes before 6 or 7.

Work, work, work.
I worked 9 hours on Saturday alone.
And between Monday, Tuesday, and today, I've worked 28 hours.

I'm EXHAUSTED.  Now, I watch my cousin's kids tomorrow, Friday, and Monday.  (Oh yeah, and I'm working on Saturday.)  Then I work the next Tuesday and Wednesday.

THEN, and only then, do I get a 2 day break.

I feel awful about complaining, because a lot of people cannot even find a decent job right now.
I was just lucky enough to land one a couple years ago and find a way to hold it while away at school, leaving it here waiting for me in the summer.

My fear is when I have to give this job up for an internship.  It is going to happen either this fall or next summer for sure.  My hope is to land something that I can transfer around with, like a Target or Starbucks, you know, something that is a popular chain EVERYWHERE.

Well, I guess only time will tell.