Catching up with life

Bills payed.
To-do list organized.
New job on its way.

I can honestly say for the first time in a while...
life is good.

I still have tons to do.
But, I have it broken down into different days and weeks,
so it's a lot easier to handle.

And I return to The Star Press in a week,
taking a break from The Daily News for the rest of the school year.

less hours + more pay = less stress + more money saved for England

But more on that later...
promised you posts, and posts you shall get!


Let's review, shall we...

it's no secret by now that I am the world's best worst blogger.

[c'mon. weren't you this busy in college?!]

and while i constantly make promises about posting consistently,
i have a feeling this will soon be a reality.

life is full of curve balls, and i'm about to hit one out of the park.
i think.

who knows, i could foul out.

stay tuned.

coming your way is...

• a review of a fantastic weekend of design nerdiness in a cool city
• a gush about my recent admission to the smartphone club
• explanation of why my christmas list will be mostly begging for money
• why i'm trying to one-up my sister on baby gifts

get ready!