Not the way I want to B

So I was checking out my grades earlier today, and I noticed that I'm averaging B's in just about all of them.

Don't get me wrong, B's aren't bad, I just feel like I could be doing better. I used to get A's all the time, but learned that it wasn't always going to happen.

Maybe I'm just being too hard on myself. Besides, I do have 20 hours of internship per week with 19 hours of class. And I've been sick a few times. It's not wonder that all my effort isn't getting put into everything.

I'm just going to try to kick it into high gear for these last five weeks and work (and hope) for the best!


Just add this to my bucket list

My geography class was actually pretty interesting on Friday.
Or should I say, Africa is pretty interesting.

The most intriguing part so far?
The fact that during the right time of the year, you can go right to the edge of Victoria Falls, the largest waterfalls in the world.
That's right.
In the water, at the edge.

Take a look...

They call this part of it Devil's Pool.
And there is a natural barrier where the water falls over the edge of the falls in this certain spot.

Would it be scary?
Ridiculously so.

But how cool would that be?!

Someday... :)


'It's Friday, Friday'

I've literally been waiting all week to post about this song.

Just take a peek, and I'll explain...

So, this is Rebecca Black.
She is a mere 13 years old.
And a few days ago, her name was trending on Twitter.
Now I know why.

These were my immediate thoughts:
1. Her auto-tuned voice is annoying.
2. No one is ever that straightforward with lyrics.
3. If you're 13, how can your friends drive.
4. Just pick a damn seat in the car.
5. I learned my days of the week in preschool, thanks.
6. At her age, you shouldn't be 'getting down' at any time.
7. Why would anyone let themselves be internationally embarrassed like this? 

Nonetheless, the lyrics will stick in your head.
And that's annoying for such a terrible song.

So don't forget...
'Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday),
today it is Friday (Friday)...
Tomorrow is Saturday,
and then Sunday comes afterwards.'

Rebecca Black is excited. Are you?



So last night, I actually got to watch Glee live because I didn't have to work, and oh my was I happy!

The episode was so good.

The couple people have been rooting for finally got together! [Kurt & Blaine]
And I have to applaud Darren Criss, a straight man, in being comfortable playing a homosexual in this role. From what I know about this kid outside of Glee, he is such a good, down-to-earth guy. And extremely talented! [Did you know he wrote the music for A Very Potter Musical and A Very Potter Sequel, among other Team Starkid productions?]

Anyways, I digress.

I was so impressed with Glee's original songs they wrote. They fit the group well!

Enjoy! And Happy Humpday :)


COMM 210

Public communication, speech, your biggest fear — call it want you want, but for me COMM 210 is just a pain in the ass.

While I could lie and say that I don't get nervous, that just wouldn't be the truth. However, I don't fall into this category...

Trust me, I can have a little bit of nerves and not ruin a presentation.

So this class should be no problem right?

Well, I hate speeches, what I hate even more is the prep time. I am just not capable of building in time to work on these assignments in advance. Instead, like most of my work, it gets put off until the last minute. Now that can be stressful.

Oh, and the fact that is a 9 A.M. class doesn't help either.


Back from another hiatus

So while my blog should have been
blowing up
with posts last week with all my free time
during spring break,
i failed.

But i did have some good,
and relaxing,

Besides sleeping until nearly noon every day,
and reading almost 5 books,
I also left the house a few times.

Tuesday I went down to B-town
to visit my favorite Hoosiers.

Then Friday a friend and I traveled
all over North Western Indiana.
We stopped for lunch at my grandma's house,
then continued up to Hobart to my friend Kristi's.
Then with a few others, we drove out to Michigan City
to hit up the Lighthouse Outlet Mall.
[Loving my Columbia jacket that I got for $65 $25!!!]

And Saturday I spent the day in Greenwood
with my mom and sister
trying on dresses and wedding shopping.
Then some friends and I went minigolfing,
followed by an impromptu trip to Broad Ripple
for some hookah at the Egyptian.
[Still can't decide if I'm a fan,
but our flavor this time was definitely more tolerable better.]

I also finally saw Burlesque over break,
and I loved it.
Of course, I like most movies I see,
but it was actually pretty good.

It's also Lent season,
and goodbye to soda and sweets for me.
The only built in "cheating" days
are a couple birthday celebrations.
I. can. do. this.

So now it's back to school.
Just 7 more weeks until summer!