Looking to the past as inspiration for the future.

So when the day comes that I realize I do not have the money to furnish my future home with all the sleek, modern fixtures I love, I will remember that antiques have their own chicness and charm.

Basically, a friend and I killed some time today by perusing an antique market, and needless to say, I wanted to break out the VISA. However, I controlled myself. I wouldn't have anywhere to store then things I wanted to buy anyways!

However, I will definitely be visiting the flea market when I move out and get my own place. I even already have a shopping list in mind...

So, this picture from Google does no justice to the coffee table I saw today. The one I adored was less of a cream color, and was square with four glass panels.

I love the old style of dressers. I really like the shape of this one, but would probably stain it a different color.

I couldn't find any pictures close the mosaic side tables I saw today, but I love the idea in general. It's just such a different style and each piece is so unique.

My parents have a cedar chest in the house that they store family keepsakes and such in. I, however, have always like old fashioned trunks that could go at the foot of my bed or something.

This piece is actually a lot cooler than any art I saw today. But the brassy and woody materials give it the antique feel. When it comes to art, I like what I like, and if I don't like it, I move on.

I think that with some elbow grease and some modern touch-ups, any antique piece can make a good addition to a home!


More Than Corn: Canal Walk

So a long, long time ago, I created this post with the intent of seeking out the exciting parts of Indiana.
Until last night, I had not taken any initiative. (Oops.)

Better late than never.

Canal Walk

While I forgot to take my camera last night, it wasn't hard to find multitudes of pictures online of the canal in downtown Indianapolis. I love going there. The 3-mile loop around the entire canal makes for good leisurely exercise, especially when you're with friends who always make it a good time.

You can walk, jog, bike, even rent a paddle boat or gondola. They even have segway tours. You can check out the beautiful war memorial (the teal construction on the left side of the canal in the picture above). There are also gorgeous apartments and condos located on the canal. If I by some fate end up in Indiana when I grow up, my dream home would be one of these apartments. They are super expensive, though.

The canal is part of the White River cultural district, one of Indianapolis' six cultural districts. (I hope to make it to each district before I give up on this "More Than Corn" challenge!)


I splurged yesterday.
On books, no less.

I'm a nerd that way.

So when I find the time, 
here's what's next on my reading list...

Charlie St. Cloud
(The Death and Life of Charlie St. Cloud)
by Ben Sherwood

So many times after I see movie trailers,
I wonder if there was a book first.
And this one looked especially good.

And I usually don't like when books
resort to the movie covers,
but it was cheaper.
And I won't complain about Mr. Efron
being on the cover of my book. :)

The Last Song
by Nicholas Sparks

All of the movies I've seen
that have been based on his books
have made me cry.
I'm hoping this book and movie
will be just as enjoyable as
The Notebook and
A Walk to Remember.

The Hunger Games
by Suzanne Collins

My sister recommended this series to me.
And she so kindly left me the second book
for me to read when she was in Indy.
So, of course, I needed to go buy the first one.

The House of Spirits
by Isabel Allende

I read Of Love and Shadows
in one of my classes last semester.
And it was really good.
One of my friends recommended this
Allende book as well,
so I thought I'd give it a shot.

Little Women
by Louisa May Alcott

As an ambitious child,
I began reading this at a young age...

...and never finished.
I'm sure I'll enjoy classics like this
much more now anyways.

Like Pride and Prejudice,
or Anna Karenina.
(I own those, too!)

What's on your reading list?


my dream dorm

So during my lazy day off, I came across a Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog.

I have this little obsession with interior design and remodeling.
Seriously, I used to rearrange my room at least once a month when I was younger.

So of course this catalog is featuring all sorts of dorm decor since we all go back next month.
Needless to say, my creative juices started flowing and I started to envision my dream dorm room.

Here are some pieces that would be my inspiration:

I've been really into gray lately,
and I think this would really offset the other bright pieces I already have
to provide a good balance of color in the room.

I had a friend that had some of these in her dorm last year,
and I just thought they were great.
From reminders to roommate notes,
I could find a million uses for these!
And they come in cute colors :)

I'm always needing more storage,
but brown boxes are so boring.
I could throw just about anything in these cute storage bins
and not be worried about looking too cluttered.
(or about forgetting what I was putting away in the first place!)

I cannot stand plain white walls.
I love to hang up pictures that remind me that
there is something more out there.

While I could plan out my dream room forever, I just don't have that much time.
What would your dream room look like?

It's a Wonderful...Wednesday

I haven't had a day off in quite a while.
While I should have made this empty day extremely productive,
by catching up on my online classes,
or cleaning my disaster of a bedroom,
I forgot the luxury that comes with a free day...

So, I slept in.
I surfed the web in my PJ's for a while.
Watched some TV.
Took a long shower.
Made a new summer playlist.
And now, I'm feeding my social media addiction.

Don't judge me.
You'd do the same ;)


"I'm coming back to the world..."

One small accomplishment today, and...
I'm starting to feel like me again. :)

The hour glass of summer is trickling away faster.
And I feel like there just are not enough hours in the day.


(I'm going to be okay.)

I'm in for a crazy couple of weeks,
but I feel the stress starting to fade.
I know what I am capable of now,

and I'm not afraid to face the challenges of a new day.