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Resolutions? No thanks.

Truth be told, I'm typing this while I should be packing to fly home to Indiana tomorrow and getting ready for New Year's dinner with some Register friends. So let's make this short and sweet.

I'm not having it with a lengthy list of resolutions this year. They don't last. Next month I will have forgotten what they even were. A year is such a huge time period, too. So if you suffer from chronic procrastination as I do, those resolution will just get put off and then suddenly it's fall and so starting over the next new year just seems like a better idea.

This year, I'm taking it day by day. Inspired by this post on Medium, I'm not thinking in weeks or months or years. Just days.

I'm going to do one thing, even something small, each day. Things that I would love to be doing regularly but find hard to make routine. Whether it be blog here or on my portfolio site, read a book, catch the sunset, WHATEVER. I'm going to do it. Once a day. 

Maybe that is considered a resolution. But it's just one. And it's so simple.

Happy New Year!