When insomnia wins

7:28 a.m.

After 4 straight hours of (unsuccessfully) falling asleep,
I decided it was a lost cause.

So instead, I brewed a pot of coffee.
Even though every time I use the coffee maker in our apartment,
it sounds like it's going to sputter out and die.
I swear I'm doing everything right!

Nonetheless, this little cup of joe
is going to be the key to getting through the day without sleep.

So now it's on to filling the rest of the morning
before a friend's visit and work
to keep me awake and not thinking about sleep.

But, I'm not at a loss of things to do:

Clean out the fridge and pantry.
(Eggs and bread were both off-color.)

Finally unpack from being home.

Clean the bathroom, kitchen and my bedroom.
(And maybe the living room, while I'm at it.)


Go grocery shopping.
(Yep, that's not done yet either)

So once this next episode of HIMYM is over...
it's go time.


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I am destined for another night of episode after episode of HIMYM. (Hey, it's called winter break for a reason.)

So what if I haven't unpacked from being home last week. No one else is in the apartment to care.

So what if I haven't gone grocery shopping for the next week and a half yet. They messed up my order at Subway tonight, so I got a free meal. No money wasted!

So what if I yelled at my roommate via text (if that's even possible??) when I came back to the apartment to find all the doors unlocked. No one has been here for at least three days. Luckily, nothing was missing. At least nothing I've see so far.

So what if my reverse psychology plan for New Year's resolutions (or lack, thereof) failed this year. I'm heading into this coming year with a new, positive mindset. :)


Just a few things...

1. Please pardon my lack of posting. The end of the semester is always crazy!

2. I have strep, so any extra time I would have had between school and work goes to extra rest.

3. December? Where did you come from?!