Signs that "adulthood" is near

Let's be real: I will never retire Disney from my movie collection or iTunes library. I still think that blue box of mac 'n' cheese is acceptable for every meal, and I will keep on reading young adult fiction like it's my job.

Timeless tendencies aside, it is hard to deny that in just a few short weeks, I have to grow up just a little bit more. How do I know?

1. I've had my last "official" spring break. And it wasn't with a group of friends at Panama City Beach, which I'm fairly certain is where the rest of campus was. I chose to go to Alabama and visit family. And it was great. It was nice to catch up with everyone after so long, especially when I'm about to move to the opposite side of the country.

2. I bought my cap and gown. $45 dollars down the drain for something I will only wear once. Oh well, commencement just isn't the same without the uniform. Now that it is in my possession, though, everything just seems too real and happening too fast. Before I know it, I'll be putting it on and taking my last steps on Ball State's campus.

3. I can no longer pull all-nighters. At least not like I used to. I could pull them off every few nights without a sweat a couple years ago. It's not that easy anymore. I guess I'll just have to settle for a nightly average of four hours of sleep to get me through each day.

4. I've admitted that I don't know how to be an adult. I also feel that nobody every really knows how to pull it off. We are destined to just stumble along for years, making our way as we go and hope everything turns out OK. I hope I'm a little more prepared than that, but right now, I'm not even close. It's time to start gaining more self discipline and making more budgets and lists and...yeah, important stuff like that.

5. I've become a homebody. Not the crazy, never-leave-the-house-EVER type of homebody. It's more that I'd rather stay in with a couple of people, or even by myself if I need a break from the world. I could be perfectly happy just a movie or book. No drunken crowds necessary.