This is why I have unfailing faith in God and humanity.

Yesterday, my friend began blowing up Facebook (in the best way possible) with a fundraiser for a family at her church. This wonderful family was looking to adopt a baby with special needs from Serbia, but had just been denied a $5,400 grant they needed to fund the adoption.

Lakes Family Adoption from Emily Theis on Vimeo.

[Yes, my amazing friend Emily made that video!]

Fast-forward 24 hours to today.

Every last cent needed to reach their goal has been raised. With more still coming in.

That is some kind of amazing.

And I may be broke in that woe-is-me-poor-college-student way, but I am happy to use the $20 in my wallet to buy some screen print cards to not only support the cause, but also share it with others.

I wish the best for this family and everybody who has helped their dream come true.

You can learn more by visiting the Lakes Family Adoption website and Facebook.


Deja Vu

So, I realize that these promises to start blogging more sound very familiar.

As in, all I did last year during school was one update post a month with another similar-sounding promise.

And it really was my intention to do better this year. Which I have, but only slightly. It's funny how all the little things add up and suddenly, it's another day or week. And now, it's almost a new month.

Things like two group projects due last week. Or waking up sick on Saturday. And having to deliver on a cookie promise today.

But, I really am trying to blog more. Really, I am. So hopefully can happen soon.

Let's face it, though. My life isn't nearly as interesting in Muncie as it was on the Cape or in London ;)


Missing England

So on Thursday we had a student panel with some of the people from our BSU at the Games group. It was part of the journalism department's Professionals-In-Residence program, so a lot of other students came to hear about our trip and see some of the work we did.

And boy was it an emotional ride.

Pretty sure I almost cried when they played this video introducing our experience, made by one of our own video crew members:

I don't think any of us will ever get over just how amazing of an experience this was. Or ever be able to thank all the people who made it reality and helped us get there.

I wish we could be back there now reliving it all over again. With some afternoon tea and scones, of course. ;)


It's almost here guys.

One of my absolute favorite things: fall in Indiana.

This weekend dangled it in front of my face, and then bumped the thermometer back up a bit when Monday rolled around. How rude.

But I can feel it. It's almost here.

The days of driving with the windows down. Mornings where warm coffee actually makes sense. When jeans and hoodies are always acceptable. Crisp nights are for bonfires. Pumpkin and apple everything. And lazy Sundays are meant for watching plenty of football.

Really, kids. It doesn't get much better.


Mixed Tape Tuesday

This past weekend teased me with a little taste of fall weather and then took it away. It's close I can feel it! Here are some songs that just say 'summer's over, back to the grind.' To me at least.

For you, it is probably just a random bunch of songs you probably don't know haha
1. Boys of Summer - The Ataris

2. Days of the Old - Every Avenue

3. (There's Gotta Be) More to Life - Stacie Orrico

4. I Don't Want to Be - Gavin DeGraw

5. Come One, Come All - All Time Low

Yes, very random indeed. And not necessarily the most cheery bunch of songs. Just foreshadowing to the inevitable mid-semester slump ;)


Weird things designers do

So, as I was cleaning up my disaster of a desk last night, I came across a book called '30-second Psychology.' And let's set a couple things straight. I am not a psych major or minor. While I find psychology a rather interesting subject, I just do not have time for extra reading and hobbies until post grad. Because then I'll have all the time in the world, right? ;)

Anyways, why did I buy this book? Because it was pretty. And it got me thinking, we designers are a pretty strange breed.

Enjoy the geekiness:

1. We buy things just because they are well-designed. Books, post cards, planners, place mats...really, anything.
2. We get more excited over free fonts than free music.
3. We have parties where you dress as fonts and play games with Helveticards. And, no, it was not Halloween.
4. We talk about our favorite designers and illustrators as if they are Britney Spears. And then we just get blank stares from the general population is. (Go learn who Jessica Hische is before you talk to me about typography and illustration.)
5. Ampersands are our favorite thing in the world.