This is why I have unfailing faith in God and humanity.

Yesterday, my friend began blowing up Facebook (in the best way possible) with a fundraiser for a family at her church. This wonderful family was looking to adopt a baby with special needs from Serbia, but had just been denied a $5,400 grant they needed to fund the adoption.

Lakes Family Adoption from Emily Theis on Vimeo.

[Yes, my amazing friend Emily made that video!]

Fast-forward 24 hours to today.

Every last cent needed to reach their goal has been raised. With more still coming in.

That is some kind of amazing.

And I may be broke in that woe-is-me-poor-college-student way, but I am happy to use the $20 in my wallet to buy some screen print cards to not only support the cause, but also share it with others.

I wish the best for this family and everybody who has helped their dream come true.

You can learn more by visiting the Lakes Family Adoption website and Facebook.

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