When insomnia wins

7:28 a.m.

After 4 straight hours of (unsuccessfully) falling asleep,
I decided it was a lost cause.

So instead, I brewed a pot of coffee.
Even though every time I use the coffee maker in our apartment,
it sounds like it's going to sputter out and die.
I swear I'm doing everything right!

Nonetheless, this little cup of joe
is going to be the key to getting through the day without sleep.

So now it's on to filling the rest of the morning
before a friend's visit and work
to keep me awake and not thinking about sleep.

But, I'm not at a loss of things to do:

Clean out the fridge and pantry.
(Eggs and bread were both off-color.)

Finally unpack from being home.

Clean the bathroom, kitchen and my bedroom.
(And maybe the living room, while I'm at it.)


Go grocery shopping.
(Yep, that's not done yet either)

So once this next episode of HIMYM is over...
it's go time.


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if I am destined for another night of episode after episode of HIMYM. (Hey, it's called winter break for a reason.)

So what if I haven't unpacked from being home last week. No one else is in the apartment to care.

So what if I haven't gone grocery shopping for the next week and a half yet. They messed up my order at Subway tonight, so I got a free meal. No money wasted!

So what if I yelled at my roommate via text (if that's even possible??) when I came back to the apartment to find all the doors unlocked. No one has been here for at least three days. Luckily, nothing was missing. At least nothing I've see so far.

So what if my reverse psychology plan for New Year's resolutions (or lack, thereof) failed this year. I'm heading into this coming year with a new, positive mindset. :)


Just a few things...

1. Please pardon my lack of posting. The end of the semester is always crazy!

2. I have strep, so any extra time I would have had between school and work goes to extra rest.

3. December? Where did you come from?!


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if indulged in a little retail therapy last week. It really does make you feel better! (And sweaters were on sale!)

So what if the majority of my wardrobe consists of black, grey (gray?) and other dark shades. I guess that's just what I gravitate towards, and what looks best for my body type.

So what if all I did today was bake Christmas cookies and just relax with friends and family. It's Thanksgiving break. That's what breaks are for.

So what if all I can think about for Black Friday are things I want to buy for myself. The deals are just too good to pass up.

So what if this post is technically 10 minutes late to be part of Wednesday. I got distracted!


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if i refuse to listen to Christmas music (at my own will) before Thanksgiving week, but I will watch Love Actually any time of year.

So what if my Spring class schedule is all journalism courses and one communications class. When it's stuff I actually love to do, workload doesn't seem as bad. (We'll see if I'm still saying that come March!)

So what if I look like a cliché going to Vegas for Spring Break the year I turn 21. With my sister and nephew out there, it's a bit more legit!

So what if I somewhat secretly just might want to maybe go see 'Breaking Dawn' after it comes out this week. Looking back on the books now, I see they were really never that good. But I've read them and seen the movies thus far, and I just want to finish it out. Weird vampire baby and all.

So what if I burned the chicken tortilla soup I was making for dinner last Thursday. And had to throw the whole batch out. My roommates know I can cook. (I even cooked a delicious dinner Sunday to redeem myself.)


Getting aunt-sy

I currently have two of the best nephews anyone could ask for.

(stole this pic from my dad's Facebook!)

Well, come February,
a third will be added to the mix!

My brother and his girlfriend are expecting
a baby boy President's Day weekend.

So of course, those first baby gifts
are being given, well, now.

Both of my sisters have already beaten me to it,
but that's because I've been scheming.

Angela went the classic route
and got some cute outfit that would be needed.
A sweet gesture.

Then there's Jennifer who got them this...

Harry Potter.
Good move, sis.

Well, knowing I could never necessarily beat that,
I had to at least rival it equally.

Well, I did some Facebook creeping
(but as a journalist, I consider it research)
and find out just how much Brian and Kristen love soccer.
And that they love Manchester City.
And they joked about that being the them of the nursery.

(Except, knowing them, it probably isn't a joke.)

based on this information, I found this...

Ordered and arriving by Thanksgiving.

So when it comes to being the favorite aunt,
and I've got more competition for this one,
I'd say I'm still in the running ;)


Just a small measure of my nerdiness

So this is a little overdue,
by about 42 days to be exact, 
but I still had to share.

During the last weekend in September/first of October, 
I was in St. Louis with some fellow designers at Ball State
attending Society for News Design's annual conference.

Yes, I spent ridiculous amounts of money
to listen to lectures about design.

Now that's passion.
(Or maybe just insanity, but I like my description better.)

So I enjoyed every nerdy second of the sessions,
and had a blast at open ceremonies at this place called
The City Museum.
coolest. place. ever.
no lies.

But I also had a lot of fun exploring the city
(and going up in the arch!)
with some friends.

It was such a nice break from everyday class.


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if I am taking a few minutes to blog before making my next to-do list. It has been a ridiculously long and not-so-great week, so I just needed a short break.

So what if I have listened to The Band Perry's "All Your Life" basically on repeat for the last 3 weeks. It's just such a cute song!

So what if I didn't have time to plan an awesome Halloween costume. By taking a simple witch costume and adding a Gryffindor tie and wand, I became Teenage McGonagall ;)

So what if one of my internship application essays made me sound like a complete design nerd, talking about modeling my own handwriting after computer fonts, and other embarrassing things. What more passion and dedication could the ask for?

So what if I sometimes use turn signals on S-curves when my mind is wandering. As soon as I realize, I switch it off and hope nobody saw.

So what if I still haven't gotten to those posts I promised. My new work life officially begins today, so the posts will soon begin to pick up.


Catching up with life

Bills payed.
To-do list organized.
New job on its way.

I can honestly say for the first time in a while...
life is good.

I still have tons to do.
But, I have it broken down into different days and weeks,
so it's a lot easier to handle.

And I return to The Star Press in a week,
taking a break from The Daily News for the rest of the school year.

less hours + more pay = less stress + more money saved for England

But more on that later...
promised you posts, and posts you shall get!


Let's review, shall we...

it's no secret by now that I am the world's best worst blogger.

[c'mon. weren't you this busy in college?!]

and while i constantly make promises about posting consistently,
i have a feeling this will soon be a reality.

life is full of curve balls, and i'm about to hit one out of the park.
i think.

who knows, i could foul out.

stay tuned.

coming your way is...

• a review of a fantastic weekend of design nerdiness in a cool city
• a gush about my recent admission to the smartphone club
• explanation of why my christmas list will be mostly begging for money
• why i'm trying to one-up my sister on baby gifts

get ready!


Cutting out the excess stress

In visual journalism, 
we have a practice when it comes to editing maps
of cutting out the "map fat."

Well, let's just say that when it comes to life,
I just cut out some "stress fat."

After some great deliberation,
I decided to drop my Spanish class.
And my minor.

I decided that two more classes
wouldn't enhance my skills
that much more.
So why waste my time,
on something stressing me out,
for nothing?

So it's done.
And now I have three more hours in my week.


Another year, and nothing's changed

Yeah, well.
That's going to take some time.

I am one of those people who keeps
extremely busy so that I can do
everything I possibly can to 
prepare me for later in life.

More class than I can handle,
so much student media,
and finding another job on top of it all.

Homework and sleep are afterthoughts.
Still, I manage to find the time somewhere.
(Well, for homework at least. 
Who even knows the meaning of the word anymore.)

I feel bad for not seeing my roommates and friends
outside of these organizations.
But I do my best to keep up.
And that's all I can do.

As for the organization part...
any suggestions?

[Or maybe just a cure for procrastination? ;)]


Sorry for the short hiatus

I moved into my apartment this past week.
(and boy was it an adventure)

Tomorrow marks the beginning of my junior year at Ball State.
(hello, syllabus week)

So hopefully I can get back to blogging here soon.
(with my moving disaster story, final summer adventures, DIY updates and apartment photos)

Stay tuned!


Friday Favorites

I move into my apartment on Monday...eek!

And that means I'll be cooking a lot more.
In true Friday Favorites fashion, here's the five recipes I can't wait to try!

1. Honey and Pecan-glazed Salmon

I absolutely love salmon.
It is by far my favorite fish.
And it's especially good with different glazes.
Not so sure I'll be able to get my roommates to try this, though ;)

2. Pepperoni Pizza Bites

These just look so tasty!
And they be perfect for party snacks.

3. Buffalo Chicken Rolls

If anyone loves buffalo chicken, it's me.
I live for spicy.
I bet these are delicious!

4. Slow Cooker Sausage Breakfast Casserole

While breakfast is a rare occasion during the week,
I love a good hearty breakfast on the weekends.
And if it cooks overnight, less work for tired me in the mornings!

5. Lime-infused Honey-crusted Chicken Breast

My favorite thing about chicken
is that you can do just about anything with it,
and it'll be good.
This recipes sound pretty darn delicious!


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I am always a little nervous at job interviews. I think I made a pretty good impression today.

So what if cleaning out my closet left me with way too many clothes still. I just have some strange attachment to most of my old t-shirts. And hoodies. It's a slight problem.

So what if I spent a good amount of yesterday working on DIY projects. They turned out GREAT and I can't wait to share!

So what if I'm starting to freak out about how little time I have before I move. (I still have so much to do!) But I know everything will come together in the end...usually with very little sleep ;)


All cars go to heaven

Well, the Contour has been on it's last leg for a while now, 
but this time...we think it's really almost there.

So we decided we needed to trade it in before it was too late.

Say hello to my new car:

2003 Toyota Camry

It has some bumps and bruises,
but overall, it's in better shape than my old car.

Bring on the monthly payments!


DIY fever

Getting ready to move into a new apartment
means planning out cute decorating ideas
to make our space as homey as possible.

So of course, I've been cultivating
crazy amounts of ideas in my head all summer.

And thanks to Pinterest and fellow bloggers,
I have my work cut out for me in the next week...

I've had my eye on this pin for the past couple weeks...

...and have decided to make my own for the apartment.

I've sanded down this baby, and now just need to get some chalkboard paint:

It is much smaller, I know, but it'll do for us.

I've also been basically drooling over this clock:

However, it cost some $60
(or something like that.)

I figured I'll just pick up some cork
and a cheap clock to tear apart,
break out a black sharpie
and make my own.
I mean, this clock is basically the story of my life. ;)

I'm also working on covering my desk chair
and my ottoman to match my bedroom.
I've got this cute fabric in mind...

I've also got a few other wall art ideas in mind.
Planning on making some individual bulletin boards for schedules and stuff.
I've painted most of my furniture white,
and my friend is coming over Tuesday to mosaic the top of my nightstand for me!

All in all, I'm a little too excited for all of this.
(I like to geek out!)

I'll have results posted within the week.
(A.K.A. — probably when I move in!)


Hot outside, but I have a head cold

Forgive me for the lack of posts this week.
I came down with something,
so all my free time falls to sleeping.

But I have plenty to share once I'm better :)


Friday Favorites — Pinterest style

Seeing as there is so much awesome stuff everywhere,
and not just in the blogosphere,
I figured I shake up my favorites every Friday
and post things from different places.

Here are some of my favorite pins this week.

1. This photo via Bri Emery of DesignLoveFest

Such a good reminder that inspiration can be found anywhere.
Even in an old gym.

2. This nail cuteness via Sydney Fitzgerald

While I am not normally one to fall into line with new trends,
I just think this is adorable.
And while mixing with solid colors is cute,
the sparkles here really pop!

3. This room via Claire Kelly

I'm a book lover. 
And I freak out when I see amazingly cute ways
to store books as part as a room's design.
Imagine my reaction when I saw this display.
[Love the gray!]

4. This oasis via Annie Heyward

 No explanation needed.
Just get me there now!

5. This pizza dip via Kathryn Cox

My sister is obsessed with dips.
And I've heard her mention pizza dip at least a few times.
I think it's about time I try it, too.
Find this recipe here.

Check back next week for more!

Are you on Pinterest? Follow me!


Cleaning, boxing and sorting

With the date fast approaching of me moving into an apartment 
— not a dorm, but an actual apartment —
I decided it was time to go through my bedroom at home, 
every single item in there, 
and clean up a bit.

And what better way to sift through and box up my childhood
than with the music that came with it.

So with Britney, Christina and those heartthrob boy bands crooning in the background,
I'm embarking on a journey through little league trophies and VHS tapes.


I said, 'Mom, what do I do with these trophies and things?'
[I threw all my participation ones out a couple years ago;
these are just the ones that mattered.]

Her answer?
'Box them up and put them in the attic.'

So here's what's going into hibernation until I officially move out of this house...
and which is probably bound for the attic or closet wherever I may live later on in life.

The bowling pin I got at my 5th birthday for hosting my party at the alley.
No lies, it's been displayed in my room ever since.
Also, I'm pretty sure I did it because my sister, Jenn, had one from her 7th birthday.
And I just thought it was the coolest.

Little league trophies from when my team placed.
1st and 2nd for basketball, 2nd for volleyball...
pretty sure I have most of my AJAA shirts still, too.
We thought we were cool.

The plate I was presented as one of the top 25 students in my class...hah.
Not that I'm not proud of it, but I hate when it's flaunted and when people exhaustingly told me congrats and whatnot.
I hate being the center of attention in most situations.
Even more embarrassing?
Before I banished it to my bedroom, my parents had it displayed in the main living room where everyone who came over could see it.
[Cool. Thanks, mom and dad.]

So for now, all of these things,
plus my old yearbooks and school things,
can join my stuffed animals in the attic indefinitely.
[And yes, I still have my old stuffed animals and books in the attic.
I want my future kids to enjoy them, too!]


Things I have way too much of?

I'm thinking it's time to get rid of those old ones I haven't watched since I was maybe 13.
[Agent Cody Banks and Clockstoppers, anyone?]

Seriously, it's a problem.
Maybe a third of those have been read cover to cover.
And I always tell myself I'll get back to them,
or I'll want to read something again later.
But no. I'm just lying to myself.
This is pretty much the only thing I hoard,
and it needs to change.

Three full baskets on the bed.
A half-full closet here.
A half-full closet at the Muncie house.
Two full dressers.
And at least three dirty loads.
My wardrobe needs a serious cleanse.
[Goodbye, AJAA tees.]


And then there's all the things I had forgotten about.

Like the telescope I got for Christmas when I was little.

And the mountain of hoodies I can't bring myself to downsize in my closet.

And the photo box full of prints that should be scanned into the computer.

This project could take a while.
I've got 18 days and counting...