To be organized at all times, and not just at work

At work, I am on the ball.
Notes, checklists, reviewing my schedule every other day to make sure nothing as changed.

At home, not so much.
(The current state of my bedroom would more than illustrate that fact by itself.)

And when fall rolls back around, it's back to classes and jobs and scheduling sleep.
A time when I am scrambling and picking my brain to remember just exactly what is due the next day,
scraping by with the bare minimum and never coming out ahead, just doing fine on par.

But this year, I'm determined.

[And though I say that every year, this time I mean it! OK?!]

That means using both my planner and my calendar.
The planner to keep my on track everywhere I go.
And a calendar for the apartment so my roommates know where the heck I am.

It means writing my shopping lists down on paper instead of trying to memorize what I need or texting it to myself,
(yes, I've actually done that. and I can't be the only one)
because no matter what, I always forget that one thing.

This week it was contact solution.

And most of all, it means having some self-disciple and some sort of daily schedule.
No naps in the middle of study time.
Getting stuff done before/during work so I can actually sleep (and therefore not need a nap).
Avoiding having to do homework in other classes.

And no more night-before papers.
So much stress.

I will make this happen.
At least for a couple weeks.

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  1. If you figure out how to make all that happen, share your secret with me!