So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

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So what if I went glow-in-the-dark mini golfing last Friday with some friends, at a place where the average age is probably 12. You're never to old to do go. And if you say I'm wrong, then nobody asked you.

So what if I bought a book for the sole reason of design inspiration. I'm not saying the book won't be interesting as well, but the design and little illustrations just make me happy!

So what if I've been planning out my apartment bedroom since the Spring. And while we're on that, who cares if there won't be much space left when I'm done with it. (And there isn't much to begin with!) I say a comfortable bed and an inspiring workspace trumps walking space.
So what if I put the book I was reading on the back burner and am starting Harry Potter from the beginning. All the hype made me nostalgic, and I want to read the magic from the very first page again...starting now.

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