So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday

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So what if I was playing 21 (basketball) this weekend in dress pants and bare feet. I won, and that's all that matters ;)

So what if I had a little bit of junk food last weekend. Once Monday rolled around, I was SlimFastin' it up again. Making the end of this summer count!

So what if I've been rockin' a bumped and purple-bruised nose this week after my nephew let a plastic tub slip from his hands at a rather inopportune time. His apology makes everything okay, and make up does wonders.

So what if I have to make my own car payments this fall. I've waited so long for a new one and I finally get to call it my own! Still in the process of looking and buying, though. I'll definitely share more once something is finalized!

So what if it is the end of July is looming and I haven't started my summer DIY projects. Or finished other projects. I always manage to get things done somehow.

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