A little dose of growing up

I feel as though I am having to grow up a bit more this fall.

It's a goodbye the little bit of acceptable ignorance,
and hello to a little bit of reality.

I just put my name on gas utility for my apartment next year.

I'm about to apply for a credit card.

And I'll have monthly car payments, but more on that later.

While my parents will still be helping me out financially in some areas,
it is still up to me to get that rent paid on time,
make sure my roommates pay me their share of the gas bill,
and buy only the necessities on credit.

After paying for my own gas this summer,
I started paying a lot more attention to the price factor,
whereas before I just pulled up to any Citgo and swiped my parents' card.

So I think it's time I start paying attention to grocery sales and coupons.
I won't be extreme or anything...
(some people go crazy)
...but getting into the habit will make happy wallets
for both myself and my parents.

And it'll make for better habits when I am completely on my own.

I know I still have a lot to learn about adulthood,
but I'm definitely getting a first real taste of it soon.

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