Friday Favorites

When I'm catching up on Google Reader at work, I tend to star a lot of things as a way of marking them to go back to, instead of pinning them as I would from my laptop.

So here's five of my recent favorites from the blogosphere.

1. Citations for Real Life via Design Crush
I already know a few people I would hand out this cell phone violation to.

Do you think there's one in there for Twitter transgressions?
I know a few people I'd like to call out on that, too.

2. This fun print via Design Crush

Gorgeous colors, awesome typography, and 100% fun.
And photography as always interested me.

3. These Cocoa&Hearts paintings via MadeByGirl

So minimalist, yet way gorgeous.
(And way expensive. $95?! I could do this myself.)

4. This Pinterest find via Dream Book Design

I may be more than a few years away from having my own place for longer than just a couple years, but I help myself when it comes to great interior design. And I love the green brick-style tiling in this kitchen. (One of my favorite colors!) It's definitely different, but not overwhelming.

5. A new kind of bulletin board via Dream Book Design

Not so sure the frame and wire are quite my style, but I did the clothespin idea.

Check back next week for more of my favorites!

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