So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if indulged in a little retail therapy last week. It really does make you feel better! (And sweaters were on sale!)

So what if the majority of my wardrobe consists of black, grey (gray?) and other dark shades. I guess that's just what I gravitate towards, and what looks best for my body type.

So what if all I did today was bake Christmas cookies and just relax with friends and family. It's Thanksgiving break. That's what breaks are for.

So what if all I can think about for Black Friday are things I want to buy for myself. The deals are just too good to pass up.

So what if this post is technically 10 minutes late to be part of Wednesday. I got distracted!


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if i refuse to listen to Christmas music (at my own will) before Thanksgiving week, but I will watch Love Actually any time of year.

So what if my Spring class schedule is all journalism courses and one communications class. When it's stuff I actually love to do, workload doesn't seem as bad. (We'll see if I'm still saying that come March!)

So what if I look like a cliché going to Vegas for Spring Break the year I turn 21. With my sister and nephew out there, it's a bit more legit!

So what if I somewhat secretly just might want to maybe go see 'Breaking Dawn' after it comes out this week. Looking back on the books now, I see they were really never that good. But I've read them and seen the movies thus far, and I just want to finish it out. Weird vampire baby and all.

So what if I burned the chicken tortilla soup I was making for dinner last Thursday. And had to throw the whole batch out. My roommates know I can cook. (I even cooked a delicious dinner Sunday to redeem myself.)


Getting aunt-sy

I currently have two of the best nephews anyone could ask for.

(stole this pic from my dad's Facebook!)

Well, come February,
a third will be added to the mix!

My brother and his girlfriend are expecting
a baby boy President's Day weekend.

So of course, those first baby gifts
are being given, well, now.

Both of my sisters have already beaten me to it,
but that's because I've been scheming.

Angela went the classic route
and got some cute outfit that would be needed.
A sweet gesture.

Then there's Jennifer who got them this...

Harry Potter.
Good move, sis.

Well, knowing I could never necessarily beat that,
I had to at least rival it equally.

Well, I did some Facebook creeping
(but as a journalist, I consider it research)
and find out just how much Brian and Kristen love soccer.
And that they love Manchester City.
And they joked about that being the them of the nursery.

(Except, knowing them, it probably isn't a joke.)

based on this information, I found this...

Ordered and arriving by Thanksgiving.

So when it comes to being the favorite aunt,
and I've got more competition for this one,
I'd say I'm still in the running ;)


Just a small measure of my nerdiness

So this is a little overdue,
by about 42 days to be exact, 
but I still had to share.

During the last weekend in September/first of October, 
I was in St. Louis with some fellow designers at Ball State
attending Society for News Design's annual conference.

Yes, I spent ridiculous amounts of money
to listen to lectures about design.

Now that's passion.
(Or maybe just insanity, but I like my description better.)

So I enjoyed every nerdy second of the sessions,
and had a blast at open ceremonies at this place called
The City Museum.
coolest. place. ever.
no lies.

But I also had a lot of fun exploring the city
(and going up in the arch!)
with some friends.

It was such a nice break from everyday class.


So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
Link up with Life After I "Dew" if you wanna dish too!

So what if I am taking a few minutes to blog before making my next to-do list. It has been a ridiculously long and not-so-great week, so I just needed a short break.

So what if I have listened to The Band Perry's "All Your Life" basically on repeat for the last 3 weeks. It's just such a cute song!

So what if I didn't have time to plan an awesome Halloween costume. By taking a simple witch costume and adding a Gryffindor tie and wand, I became Teenage McGonagall ;)

So what if one of my internship application essays made me sound like a complete design nerd, talking about modeling my own handwriting after computer fonts, and other embarrassing things. What more passion and dedication could the ask for?

So what if I sometimes use turn signals on S-curves when my mind is wandering. As soon as I realize, I switch it off and hope nobody saw.

So what if I still haven't gotten to those posts I promised. My new work life officially begins today, so the posts will soon begin to pick up.