So What Wednesday

So What Wednesday
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So what if i refuse to listen to Christmas music (at my own will) before Thanksgiving week, but I will watch Love Actually any time of year.

So what if my Spring class schedule is all journalism courses and one communications class. When it's stuff I actually love to do, workload doesn't seem as bad. (We'll see if I'm still saying that come March!)

So what if I look like a cliché going to Vegas for Spring Break the year I turn 21. With my sister and nephew out there, it's a bit more legit!

So what if I somewhat secretly just might want to maybe go see 'Breaking Dawn' after it comes out this week. Looking back on the books now, I see they were really never that good. But I've read them and seen the movies thus far, and I just want to finish it out. Weird vampire baby and all.

So what if I burned the chicken tortilla soup I was making for dinner last Thursday. And had to throw the whole batch out. My roommates know I can cook. (I even cooked a delicious dinner Sunday to redeem myself.)

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