Getting aunt-sy

I currently have two of the best nephews anyone could ask for.

(stole this pic from my dad's Facebook!)

Well, come February,
a third will be added to the mix!

My brother and his girlfriend are expecting
a baby boy President's Day weekend.

So of course, those first baby gifts
are being given, well, now.

Both of my sisters have already beaten me to it,
but that's because I've been scheming.

Angela went the classic route
and got some cute outfit that would be needed.
A sweet gesture.

Then there's Jennifer who got them this...

Harry Potter.
Good move, sis.

Well, knowing I could never necessarily beat that,
I had to at least rival it equally.

Well, I did some Facebook creeping
(but as a journalist, I consider it research)
and find out just how much Brian and Kristen love soccer.
And that they love Manchester City.
And they joked about that being the them of the nursery.

(Except, knowing them, it probably isn't a joke.)

based on this information, I found this...

Ordered and arriving by Thanksgiving.

So when it comes to being the favorite aunt,
and I've got more competition for this one,
I'd say I'm still in the running ;)

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