Wow. I didn't know daily updates could be so difficult. However, a challenge is a challenge, and I'm not going to give up now.

I'm sick this cold weather. I know I've exhausted this point lately, but it's really getting on my nerves. I'm ready to say hello to spring.

I am also tired of how cold the buildings on this campus are. I freeze in every class, and there is seriously no place in this dorm I can go to do homework and not be wishing I had brought a blanket.

To add to it all, I have a cold. I felt it coming on yesterday, so I went and bought Day Time and Night Time medicine, and drank tons SunnyD. Yeah, I realized I had consumed 600% of my daily Vitamin C in SunnyD alone. Did you know overdosing on Vitamin C slows down your metabolism and makes you exhausted? I don't plan on doing that anymore.

In closing, I'm glad tomorrow is the last day of February. It just has not been the greatest month. (Not even close.)


5 for Fridays: Pet Peeves

Alright, so my own sister has started her own trendy topic, and I figured out of support I should jump on the bandwagon. (Not to mention it's nice not to have to come up with my own topics day after day.) So, without further adieu, allow me to introduce 5 for Friday...

This weeks topic: pet peeves.

1. Dumb drivers. I can't complain too much about little slip-ups, because let's face it, we all have those days. However, I can't stand it when people drive slow in the fast lane. That just is not what it's for. I also hate sitting in a traffic jam just to find out there was no reason for it at all, just that people don't know how to merge or drive in construction areas. Then there's those people that ride your ass, then change lanes, then find out everyone is going slow and backs off only after trying every option. Whether it be turn signals on for miles on the interstate with out changing lanes, or no signal then slamming on the brakes to turn, some people are just stupid and piss the rest of us off.

2. The clingy and the needy. There are just those people that put off this air of independence, but in reality they are like a lost little child. They beg you to go everywhere with them as if they just cannot fare by themselves. And they like to "borrow" everything from you and not offer anything in return. They also think the world revolves around them, as if no one else has drama and stress they are dealing with. All in all, they bring high school into the real world.

3. Cold weather. I hate it. Simple as that. I do not belong in this climate. The cold temperatures and the bitter wind mixed with endless snow just depresses me. I like to be comfy in jeans, a hoodie, and flip flops. And to see the sun. Winter in Indiana is an abundance of cloud cover that I feel like I don't see the sun for days. No wonder I'm freezing my ass off walking to class.

4. Stupid drama. Some people get upset for the most ridiculous reasons. I did not come to college to find people acting like we are right back in high school. Nobody cares that this guy was a jerk, or that girl said something behind your back. The world is full of jerks and bitches. You just have to learn to hear what you like and let the rest roll off and forget about it.

5. Peer pressure. What I do is my decision. It's not based on laws, or rules, or fear of getting in trouble, it is personal choice. Simple as that. I don't care what everyone else does, but I don't drink, smoke, do drugs, party in general, whatever. I fill my schedule to the brim because I like being busy. You may think I'm crazy, but I'm living my life how I choose, and how I think it will benefit me best in the future.

Want to be in the 5 for Friday action? Visit my sister's blog at jaggedlittlelife.blogspot.com.


Thirsty for spring

February may be the shortest month of the year, but I feel like it has been the longest of all. It feels as though every single class is throwing out projects and papers and tests at the same time. A mere 5 hours of sleep a night is now a luxury, and right now my life isn't so lavish.

And besides my classwork, there's my Daily News responsibilities. I do page design 3 nights a week, with a meeting once a week. I'm also working on a stand-alone graphic for after Spring Break after just finishing an Olympic graphic. I put up with the hours and stress, though, because (1) I am a huge dork when it comes to my major and I love every aspect of design, and (2) I know that the work I do over the next few years will build a large and diverse portfolio to aid my job search after graduation.

Then there's this little disease called procrastination, and I'm beginning to think it's incurable. I find every small, irrelevant thing to do instead of my homework. (If you can't tell, I'm doing it now.) I wish I could overcome it, though, because I always end up hating myself later.

Finally, I am sick and tired of this Indiana winter. I don't think a day has gone by in the last couple weeks where the sky can resist spitting out some variety of snow flurries or sleet or rain. It's depressing. Whenever the sun does come out, it's a miracle. I always feel like I haven't seen its rays for days at a time. I just want my 50/60/70 degree weather of Indiana in the spring time, before the humidity sets in.

In all, I'm just ready for Spring Break. It will be a sweet breath of fresh air.


Wishful Wednesday

Alright, so I decided to venture out in the blogging world by myself and find a Wednesday topic. In my search, I found "Wishful Wednesday." While hump day for me is usually a day of complaining that the week isn't passing fast enough, I figured this would give me a more uplifting outlook during the middle of the week. That said, this weeks topic deals with one of my favorite worldly possessions: books.

"I wish"...I could play a character's role in a book and it would be Macy Queen from The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

Now, before I dive too far into this, I must warn you: this is one of those teen angst romance/coming of age novel. However, it is still one of my favorite books. I think I will always be a Sarah Dessen fan.

In this particular novel, Macy is a teenager living a "comfortable" life. She stays within her limits, not venturing outside of the lines. She does everything she can to please her mom and perfectionist boyfriend, trying to be the ideal child. She spends her summer working at the library, studying for the SATs, and going to bed early to be rested for the same routine the next day.

This is not why I want to be her, though.

Throughout the novel, Macy discovers her true self. She happens upon a job with a catering company and learns the meaning of chaos. However, she also learns the beauty of it. Her story is one of self discovery and learning to please herself first and foremost. (And she finds an amazing boy in the process!) The novel taught me to not settle for the comfortable and familiar, but that if I search outside my usual life, new and exciting experiences are waiting for me to embrace.



Grab My Button

So, like I said, I think I'll adopt some of the quirky topics my sister and her friend have picked up over the blogging community. That said, enter: Top Two Tuesday. This week's subject is favorite television shows.

Now, I used to watch so much television. I would fill up my dad's D.V.R. and make him really mad when I didn't clear it off quickly. Now that I'm in college, however, I have almost zero time for T.V., especially live. However, I don't plan on abandoning my favorite shows. Thank God for Hulu...

1. Lost
Call me crazy, but to watch this show and not be obsessed just doesn't work out. You have to be way into to deal with the never-ending questions and crazy, surreal plot. However, I've stuck it out this long. How could I give up during the show's last season? (And why would I want to?!)

2. Dawson's Creek
This series may have ended forever I go, but I proudly own every season on DVD. The funny thing is, I didn't even watch it when it was originally airing. There was one summer that I caught it on TBS every morning at 9. I was hooked. And while some people may have swooned over Dawson, I was a Pacey fan all the way. (I mean, it's Joshua Jackson. He was adorable even in The Mighty Ducks trilogy.)

Other favorites:
Grey's Anatomy
Desperate Housewives
Dancing With the Stars
Boy Meets World (wow I miss that show!)

I feel as though I'll be hooked until the end on every show and more. Oh, well. What's life without a little Hollywood entertainment?


Bring It On

Last weekend, my sister was asking what happened to my blog. Well, I wasn't a very disciplined blogger, and thus my old one sat idle for quite a while. While I could have just picked it back up, I thought a fresh start would suit me better.

So now, I'm taking on a challenge of making an entry each day. Whether it be an update of my life, some creative babble I've dreamed up, or one of those quirky topics my sister and her friend use as guides some days, I will make sure something makes it up each day.

We'll make it a 365-day challenge, for a wise older sister once wrote in her blog...

"You can start over and make a change any day of the year...not just January 1st!"