A Very Happy Humpday Indeed

Today I feel...accomplished.
Extremely accomplished.

This is one of the first days in a long time that all my work for the day was finished the night before.
Such a relief.

I even got to enjoy Glee with my roommates for the first time in a while.
And I loved Gwyneth Paltrow!
She did a great job.

I've also been doing a bit of summer dreaming,
so I've already go a bit of an idea where I hope to end up the next few summers.

Las Vegas - Summer 2011

London - Summer 2012
(Olympic Games)

Boston - Summer 2013
(Well, maybe. But I'm looking into New England for sure.)

Exciting times ahead!

Happy Humpday!



It's that time of year. The mid-semester madness is dying down and everything is moving at a steady pace. However, the Holidays are just around the corner.

First, I can't wait for Thanksgiving in Vegas.
Change of climate, change of scenery...
and I miss my long-lost sister and nephew so much!
And there's nothing like a homecooked meal? :)

I can't believe that it is almost December already.
I'm trying to crank out a Christmas list for the family.
I already know it will have lots of kitchen-oriented items on it since I'm living in an apartment next semester.
Other than that though, who knows.
Surprises are always good.

Jumping ahead to next semester...
I just can't wait, simple as that.
Besides my immersive project class with Circle of Blue,
I applied for a spring internship with the Muncie Star Press.
(I hope I get it!)
It's paid so it would be good weekly income for just a few days of work.
And I could knock out my internship credit and not worry about the paperwork with future internships.

Thanks to my sister's recent discovery of a cheaper travel alternative - Spirit Airlines - I'm starting to consider maybe spending my spring break in Vegas. It would be a nice weather change after an Indiana winter.

Lastly, I just found out about an AMAZING opportunity coming my way in Summer 2012.
One of the graphics professors is going to be in charge of a summer program in London...
during the 2012 Summer Olympics!
And he is going to be looking for some of the best students to go!
So I will definitely be working my butt off this next year and half to secure a spot.
The best part -
(which isn't set in stone yet) -
is that he is hoping to partner with a news organization in London to let us make interactive graphics for them during the games!

[insert about a gazillion exclamation points here]

I am beyond excited for the next couple years :D


Goodbye, October - Hello, November!

Ok, so maybe I'm a few days late, but October overflowed into my November just a little bit. 

But now it's done.



So November...
I have officially started getting stuff together for internship applications.

Current prospects:

The Las Vegas Sun

The Seattle Times

The Louisville Courier-Journal

Time, Inc.

(more to come!)

And in just a few weeks I will be heading to Vegas for Thanksgiving with the Gwynns :)

I'm just ready for a BREAK!