It's so close...


It's right there, so close.
Just 1 more day.
I can taste it.

I'm just so ready to be done with February.
It's been rough, to say the least.

Sickness, stress, chilling weather.
And too many decisions piling up.
I'd rather not think about summer until the end of spring break...
at the earliest.

No complaints about this weekend, though.
I slept with no alarms to wake me up both days.
And while I wasn't productive,
I had no need to be since I have nothing due tomorrow.

Instead, I had an IHOP brunch and shopping trip
with a good friend Saturday,
followed by a spontaneous afternoon with the roommates.
We hit up a couple pet stores.
Holding puppies was involved.
It was great.

And then I went with a rommate to the men's volleyball match,
of course.
We won.
[of course ;) ]

As for today,
it was just lunch, reading, and a nap.
And now I'm at work.
No complaints.

I'm just trying to round out this
less-than-pleasurable month
with some stress-free mentality.



February Blues: Round 2

Just as I was starting to feel better about this month, it came back for another blow. This week's abuse: a cold and deadly temperatures. 

My survival kit that has been in my backpack and purse all week included DayQuil, tissues, cough drops, and lots of water/clear pop/vitamin-C rich juices.

And I've been trying to squeeze in as much sleep as possible.

As for the temperatures, I believe it was -5 when I left for class this morning. I can't wait for the high-30s, low-40s that are in the forecast, because fighting a cold is hard when you have to face the chill outside too.

Here's to hoping next week will be better, with no more February blues.


Let's talk tabs...

Sometimes, I just keep adding tabs to one of my Safari windows to things I want to go back to when I have the time, or in this case, things I wanted to share but just didn't have the time to blog at the time.

First off, I have up my blogger homepage, situated on my list of blogs I stalk follow. I seriously spent a big chunk of my Saturday afternoon sifting through all sorts of design blogs, from graphic to interior. And I was finding blog inspiration along the way, thus my second tab is an entry waiting to happen. My own rendition of "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" from Aly at Analyze This will be coming soon.

I am also in love with the lovely blog titled D E S I G N L O V E F E S T, and the brains behind it is Bri Emery, who is phenomenal. I want to be this awesome as a graphic designer when I get older. And her work space is sweet as well. Check out her "office" (if you can call it that), inspiration, and whatnot in this interview from Design*Sponge, another new favorite site that is another open tab on my internet right now.

Moving along, as if I haven't gushed about enough design stuff already, this website called House Industries is full of cool, amazing fonts! The designer in me can't help but feel giddy.

As for the interior design geek in me, I bought the cutest wall decor at Target yesterday:

I got so excited when I saw it, and my roommate thought I was ridiculous. But, it is definitely going to serve as inspiration for my room decor in my apartment next year! Speaking of, my next tab is this cute fabric I found online at Joann's:

I plan on covering my little ottoman with it, or something similar.

[I'm also planning a trip to the flea market next weekend with a roommate and a friend. So excited!]

And my last tab up is from the Ball State academics page. I've decided to take on an entrepreneurship minor. (And I successfully spelled that on the first try!) Anyways, after some inspiration from reading about some awesome designers, I decided that freelance on the side of my future job would be amazing, but I want to be able to make the most of it. I figured this area of study would not only be a huge help, but extremely interesting as well!

So, here's to the small things making my days bright. I'm fighting the February blues the best way I know how! :)


February Blues


Every year, I hope this month will be better.
But it never seems to happen.

And this year, it just happened to bring an ice storm.
Or as us kids are calling it:

(No joke. Facebook event and all. The images are hilarious.)

And despite many schools being closed,
universities included,
not to mention a laboratory school located on our campus,
the only classes cancelled today were ones from 3:30 p.m. on.

I finish classes at 3:15.
And walking outside was terrible.
Solid ice.
If the bulldozer-snow-clearing machines can't handle it,
why do they think we can?

Anyways, now everyone has their fingers crossed for tomorrow.
I personally don't see it happening.
The system has almost passed Muncie, 
so it seems at least.

Tough luck.

So while today was not just terrible because of weather,
it was a huge contributing factor.

But enough griping.

Hopefully I can turn this February around before it beats me down too much.

P.S. Before it got packed down last night, the weather was seriously cool. It looked like glitter falling from the sky (except it hurt if you get pelted in the face). And it was like walking on sand. Not even slippery. It wasn't ruined until this morning. ;)