February Blues


Every year, I hope this month will be better.
But it never seems to happen.

And this year, it just happened to bring an ice storm.
Or as us kids are calling it:

(No joke. Facebook event and all. The images are hilarious.)

And despite many schools being closed,
universities included,
not to mention a laboratory school located on our campus,
the only classes cancelled today were ones from 3:30 p.m. on.

I finish classes at 3:15.
And walking outside was terrible.
Solid ice.
If the bulldozer-snow-clearing machines can't handle it,
why do they think we can?

Anyways, now everyone has their fingers crossed for tomorrow.
I personally don't see it happening.
The system has almost passed Muncie, 
so it seems at least.

Tough luck.

So while today was not just terrible because of weather,
it was a huge contributing factor.

But enough griping.

Hopefully I can turn this February around before it beats me down too much.

P.S. Before it got packed down last night, the weather was seriously cool. It looked like glitter falling from the sky (except it hurt if you get pelted in the face). And it was like walking on sand. Not even slippery. It wasn't ruined until this morning. ;)

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