It's so close...


It's right there, so close.
Just 1 more day.
I can taste it.

I'm just so ready to be done with February.
It's been rough, to say the least.

Sickness, stress, chilling weather.
And too many decisions piling up.
I'd rather not think about summer until the end of spring break...
at the earliest.

No complaints about this weekend, though.
I slept with no alarms to wake me up both days.
And while I wasn't productive,
I had no need to be since I have nothing due tomorrow.

Instead, I had an IHOP brunch and shopping trip
with a good friend Saturday,
followed by a spontaneous afternoon with the roommates.
We hit up a couple pet stores.
Holding puppies was involved.
It was great.

And then I went with a rommate to the men's volleyball match,
of course.
We won.
[of course ;) ]

As for today,
it was just lunch, reading, and a nap.
And now I'm at work.
No complaints.

I'm just trying to round out this
less-than-pleasurable month
with some stress-free mentality.


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