Back from another hiatus

So while my blog should have been
blowing up
with posts last week with all my free time
during spring break,
i failed.

But i did have some good,
and relaxing,

Besides sleeping until nearly noon every day,
and reading almost 5 books,
I also left the house a few times.

Tuesday I went down to B-town
to visit my favorite Hoosiers.

Then Friday a friend and I traveled
all over North Western Indiana.
We stopped for lunch at my grandma's house,
then continued up to Hobart to my friend Kristi's.
Then with a few others, we drove out to Michigan City
to hit up the Lighthouse Outlet Mall.
[Loving my Columbia jacket that I got for $65 $25!!!]

And Saturday I spent the day in Greenwood
with my mom and sister
trying on dresses and wedding shopping.
Then some friends and I went minigolfing,
followed by an impromptu trip to Broad Ripple
for some hookah at the Egyptian.
[Still can't decide if I'm a fan,
but our flavor this time was definitely more tolerable better.]

I also finally saw Burlesque over break,
and I loved it.
Of course, I like most movies I see,
but it was actually pretty good.

It's also Lent season,
and goodbye to soda and sweets for me.
The only built in "cheating" days
are a couple birthday celebrations.
I. can. do. this.

So now it's back to school.
Just 7 more weeks until summer!

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