'It's Friday, Friday'

I've literally been waiting all week to post about this song.

Just take a peek, and I'll explain...

So, this is Rebecca Black.
She is a mere 13 years old.
And a few days ago, her name was trending on Twitter.
Now I know why.

These were my immediate thoughts:
1. Her auto-tuned voice is annoying.
2. No one is ever that straightforward with lyrics.
3. If you're 13, how can your friends drive.
4. Just pick a damn seat in the car.
5. I learned my days of the week in preschool, thanks.
6. At her age, you shouldn't be 'getting down' at any time.
7. Why would anyone let themselves be internationally embarrassed like this? 

Nonetheless, the lyrics will stick in your head.
And that's annoying for such a terrible song.

So don't forget...
'Yesterday was Thursday (Thursday),
today it is Friday (Friday)...
Tomorrow is Saturday,
and then Sunday comes afterwards.'

Rebecca Black is excited. Are you?

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