21 by 21

So I'm stealing this little idea from my sister over at jagged little life.  Her husband turned 25 last year, and she knows that in about a year and a half she will be hitting the same mile marker.   So she came up with a list of things she hopes to do before turning 25.

Well, I have a year (EXACTLY) before my next mile marker, and a big one at that...
In January of 2012 I will be 21 years old.

But, I still have a lot of life to live until I get there.
So I thought that a list of 21 things to do before I turn 21 would be appropriate...

1. Learn to play guitar.
My brother actually gave me his old one not last Christmas, but the one before,
and I told myself I would have time to teach myself this summer.
[I was wrong.]
So hopefully that I will find the time in the near future.

2. Develop a healthy lifestyle.
It's not just me, but I do need this more than some.
My sleeping schedule is...better but could use some work,
I eat irregular meals almost every day,
and I have a hard time finding time to work out.
This little problem brings us to...

3. Harness some time management skills.
I should be able to accomplish so much more in one day.
I just somehow find ways to waste time.
(enter Facebook, naps, and tv)
With some discipline, I can have my cake and eat it too.

4. Be on the road to graduating on time.
I am working my butt off to guarantee myself just 4 years of college.
I'm hoping the the maximum credit hour load each semester
doesn't kill me.
So far, I've survived,
and I've dropped my second major,
so life should be easier.

5. Do some mission work.
I went on a mission trip with church every year of high school.
We went to New Orleans, Mexico, 
and Pennsylvania (Mon Valley and Philadelphia).
I miss these trips so much.
My friend Sarah wants us to plan a
trip abroad to an orphanage.
I'm going to start researching
here real soon!

6. Introduce myself to what else is out there.
My dreams take me out of this town to...
well, I'm not quite sure yet.
I used to think it was San Francisco.
Now I've even thought of Cape Cod.
But I'm also learning that it's important to
follow opportunity, not just look
for a dream location.

7.  Steady my finances
While I don't have that much to take care of,
I know that in the future I will be on my own.
And right now, I suffer from impulsive purchases,
and am not very good at saving my paychecks.
It's a work in progress...

8. Pay attention to the world
News sites are not at the top of my reading list.
I can be so ignorant to what's going on in the world,
which sounds terrible coming from a journalism major.
I just want to be more aware.

9. Take an impromptu road trip
Sure it's something my friends and I
always joke about, but I'm serious.
I want to drive,
no map,
no agenda,
and just see what I encounter.

10. Become a cooking guru
I'm living in an apartment next year,
so I'll get to cook a lot more.
And I love watching Food Network.
It inspires me.

11.  Learn to drive a stick
My sister attempted a short lesson with me
last time I was in Vegas.
I swear I burnt up her clutch horribly.
I'm scared to try again,
but I really want to learn!

12. Expand my literary interests
Right now I just read whatever
pop-culture gurus tell me is good,
or what friends and family recommend, etc.
Right now I'm starting to revisit
the classics I disliked so much in school.

13. Take classes just because
Of course I am enjoying a lot of my required classes,
especially my design ones,
but there are some things I want to study
that aren't required for my degree.
Still, I plan on filling space in my schedule with some of these:
Astronomy, Personal Finance,
and Young Adult Literature.

14. Get my ears double-pierced
House rules were first ear piercing at 11,
and then no more until 18.
I just haven't gotten around
to my second set yet.

15. Sing karoake...in public?
It's something that always seemed fun.
But only with lots of ridiculous friends around.
We'll see...

16. Watch the Star Wars movies
Everyone looks at me in awe
when I say I haven't seen them.
I figure it's time to watch them.

17. Reconnect with old friends
Over the years, I haven't really necessarily
'lost' friends, but some really have
drifted away quite a bit.
I know it's nearly impossible
to stay close with everyone for always,
but I want to at least stay connected.

18. Create a portfolio website
I've been meaning to do this,
but haven't found the time.
And I'm super excited to come up with
a design and display my work
for future employers.

19. Go to King's Island
It is absolutely ridiculous
that I still have never been.

20. Jetski on the ocean
I've always wanted to drive a Jetski!

21. Learn how to live for me
I always take into consideration
how everything I do will affect others.
I rarely do things just for me.
Not that it isn't bad to think of others,
but sometimes, you just have to live for you.

So, yeah. I started running out of ideas at the end,
but this is my list nonetheless.

1 year,
21 items...

it's go time!

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  1. LOL! I didn't see Star Wars until I was married either... better add Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park & Die Hard to that list. Karaoke is on my list too! :) Good luck!