All good things...

...must come to an end.
So they say.

Hopefully I can keep the good times rolling
with some balance in life when the new semester begins...

Oy vey.

So as I mentioned in my last post,
New Years' resolutions and I
don't get along.

So instead, 
I'm just carrying over goals from the past,
and hoping for improvement
[this time around].

So my plan for

First, I got one of these nice
desk calendars for Christmas:
Hopefully I can get in the habit
of writing out everything on it.
That way, I can keep everything straight,
between work, classes, and...

[I just need to keep my desk clean enough
so that I can see it every day!]

Also, last semester, I ended up with
a huge mess of a notebook.
It functioned as a folder,
a notes system
and a doodle pad...
for every class.

I'm hoping to clean up my study act
with using the notebook for
plus doodles in the margin. ;)

As for the mountain of papers I had to
sift through whenever I need to
find something,
a binder or folders should do the trick.

Still, my biggest struggle,
is organizing my time.

Finding time for all my classes,
and homework,
and work,
and, oh yeah, SLEEP,
can be tough.

Hopefully by psyching myself up now,
I can pull through better this spring.

Here goes.

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