Let the good times roll

So I've noticed that whenever I am at school, I always just have sporadic catch-up posts. I spend my free internet-roaming time reading other blogs instead of writing mine. And that time is extremely limited. So as for the last 2 1/2 weeks of my life — here goes.

Everything is going so well right now (for the most part) that I keep looking for the pothole that shake me up. [Metaphorically, that is. Well, I guess literally, too. My car is pretty fragile.] Anyways, while I still battle some procrastination, I am actually handling my work load better than I ever have before. I think that's why I always like to keep and extremely full schedule; when there's less time to get stuff done, I'm better at making time for it. While 18 hours of school seemed like a lot last semester, this time I'm in 19 hours, plus 20 hours of my internship each week. But I'm faring well with it all and still upholding my 2 nights a week and the university paper. I'm only lacking in my AAF attendance, but I'm working on it.

Speaking of my internship, I just finished my second week and I'm feeling really good about it. I'm catching on fast and am hoping to pick up speed so I can give my full design potential. I'm working on getting comfortable and meeting everyone. Still, it never fails to amuse me that when I step on the elevator with Star Press employees that haven't met me, and they automatically hit the 3rd floor button thinking I'm an Ivy Tech student. Then after they ask, they are surprised, apologize, and introduce themselves. I guess it's a good way of meeting people. ;)

In other internship news, summer internships that is, nothing is developing on the LV Sun front. But, I did just hear that I may or may not have a 50/50 shot at a design internship with the Louisville Courier-Journal! Nothing is definite and the circumstances are strange — some of our professors have been shuffling some interns around and think I'm a good fit for Louisville — but hopefully I will hear soon about what's happening. It's a great internship and I would be lucky to get it! In the mean time, I'm applying to the LA Times and Cape Cod Times, for back up.

Well I think I've about exhausted this post, but here's a few random things I'll leave you with:
— Emilee, Kelsey, and I finally have a fourth roommate for our apartment next fall! It's one of our current suitemates, Kristin. :)
— I got a new parking spot today that is closer to my dorm so getting to my car to go to work will be less of a hassle. Very exciting.
— Some of my family is coming up tomorrow to take me out to eat for my birthday, which is on Monday!
— I am hoping to finish a 21 by 21 post for my birthday that I started, oh, probably last summer. I just think it's appropriate for my 20th birthday. :)
— Some friends and I are planning a mission trip to an orphanage in a foreign country to embark on in a few years.

And lastly...on my honor I will try to be a better blogger.

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