Happy Syllabus Day(s)

First day of the new semester...
and I can't complain.
I think it's going to be a good 16 weeks.

As for the title of this post,
get up to date with your college slang.

The first days of class are always called
Syllabus Day,
because quite honestly,
all you do is go over the syllabus.

[And get out early!]

Coming up this week:

I start my internship tomorrow....

I'm nervous and excited
all at the same time.

Then this weekend I'm heading home,
even though it's the first week back,
because my sister and nephew from
Vegas are flying in for a visit.

So, Pampered Chef Party
with my other sister,
some family bonding,
and celebrating December and January birthdays
on Sunday.

And then...
no classes on Monday!

[Happy Martin Luther King, Jr. Day]

I'll be sure to let you all know
how my first day at

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