Snow, math, and syllabi

All kinds of randomness here today.

First, I woke up to a world of white,
and too much still coming down from the sky.
I don't like it.

And because of it, the start day
for my internship has been
pushed back until tomorrow.

Anyways, I got to thinking today
about how much I am putting
on myself this semester.

Let's do some math...

There are 168 hours in a week.

I have:
19.5 hours of class
20 hours of internship
12 hours of work at the Daily News
4 hours of AAF meetings
[every week]

So, 168 - 55.5 = 112.5 hours

If I average 6 hours of sleep
a night during the week,
and 10 hours on the weekend,
that is 50 hours.

112.5 - 50 = 62.5 hours

Take out 3 hours a day for meals,
and another 2 hours for
showers, getting ready, etc.,
and that adds up to 35 hours.

62.5 - 35 = 27.5 hours.

That's my homework time.

27.5 / 7 = approx. 4 hours a day.

...hopefully that's enough...
[but probably not]

All I know is have a quite a few
project-based classes
and extensive reading
and/or writing classes.

Plus I didn't factor in travel time
for my internship,
or meetings that pop up...

Bottom line:
This is going to be a tough semester.

On a lighter note,
today was Syllabus Day, part 2.

Got to love the beginning of the semester :)

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