To New Beginnings

It's here.
Thank God.

I realized I have failed as a blogger.
I just can't seem to harness the discipline to keep it up when I am busy.

So no false pretenses this time,
no promises to post once a day,
but a hope to at least post within reasonable time.

But before the year to come,
some catch up on the end of the year of past...

Break has been the relaxing escape I needed,
with some work days mixed in.
But it isn't going to be long enough.
Only one week left.

Christmas was amazing.
Wonderful time with the family.
And we had a Skype gift session with the Vegas crew.

After the holiday, I pretty much tore through the Hunger Games trilogy like is was nothing. It was definitely one of the best series I've read.

I've also been trying to catch up on my TV shows,
but so far I haven't made much progress.
Oh well, I'll finish sometime.

And earlier this week,
I got to go see Wicked with my roommate.

I was such an amazing show!
And we found free parking by the theatre :)

My New Years was spent down at IU,
ringing it in with some good friends.

Also, I have put in my 2 weeks notice
at Old National, for I'm done next Friday.
And so ready to start my new internship!

Now, as everyone always does,
I am ready for a fresh start.

But as for resolutions,
they never seem to work out,
do they?

So I'm just resolving to be happy,
to improve in all aspects of life,
and just live for now, and for me.


So 2011,

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