Wishful Wednesday

Alright, so I decided to venture out in the blogging world by myself and find a Wednesday topic. In my search, I found "Wishful Wednesday." While hump day for me is usually a day of complaining that the week isn't passing fast enough, I figured this would give me a more uplifting outlook during the middle of the week. That said, this weeks topic deals with one of my favorite worldly possessions: books.

"I wish"...I could play a character's role in a book and it would be Macy Queen from The Truth About Forever by Sarah Dessen.

Now, before I dive too far into this, I must warn you: this is one of those teen angst romance/coming of age novel. However, it is still one of my favorite books. I think I will always be a Sarah Dessen fan.

In this particular novel, Macy is a teenager living a "comfortable" life. She stays within her limits, not venturing outside of the lines. She does everything she can to please her mom and perfectionist boyfriend, trying to be the ideal child. She spends her summer working at the library, studying for the SATs, and going to bed early to be rested for the same routine the next day.

This is not why I want to be her, though.

Throughout the novel, Macy discovers her true self. She happens upon a job with a catering company and learns the meaning of chaos. However, she also learns the beauty of it. Her story is one of self discovery and learning to please herself first and foremost. (And she finds an amazing boy in the process!) The novel taught me to not settle for the comfortable and familiar, but that if I search outside my usual life, new and exciting experiences are waiting for me to embrace.

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  1. this book is on my shelf.. I think you left it here haha :)