Lessons in living in an unairconditioned house during an Indiana summer

I may have only lived up there continuously in May,
but I'm back at least twice a week and it doesn't make
certain situations any better.

Here are some of the things I've learned.

1. In an old house like this one, there will be bugs. Lot's of bugs. Especially gross centipedes like this:

And boy are they fast little buggers.
In addition to meeting these bad boys, I've also learned that if you just leave the spiders alone, they will leave you alone, as well.
Works for me.

2. Do not complain about heat in May.
Don't complain in June for that matter either.
No matter what kind of heat or humidity you get in the house during those first two months of summer, it always cools down at night for sleeping. And that's all that matters.
July? That's a different story.
Cold showers are a regular occurrence, just to beat the heat.

3. Gas stoves boil water faster.
Gas ovens cook brownies faster.
And gas ovens seem to emit more heat than regular ovens.
That's when I broke out the box fan.

4. When you're renting a house right off campus,
have low expectations.
If it exceeds your expectations, great!
But chances are, you won't be too thrilled.
Thin walls, loud plumbing, and rotted-out windows wrapped with plastic.
(But I'm sure that last one is just my house.)

5. Lastly, for now, ants seem to know how to avoid the little ant traps scattered over the counters. Sounds more like a money trap for desperate consumers.

Let's just say I'm am impatiently awaiting the arrival of August.
And the keys to my new, airconditioned apartment.

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