Cleaning, boxing and sorting

With the date fast approaching of me moving into an apartment 
— not a dorm, but an actual apartment —
I decided it was time to go through my bedroom at home, 
every single item in there, 
and clean up a bit.

And what better way to sift through and box up my childhood
than with the music that came with it.

So with Britney, Christina and those heartthrob boy bands crooning in the background,
I'm embarking on a journey through little league trophies and VHS tapes.


I said, 'Mom, what do I do with these trophies and things?'
[I threw all my participation ones out a couple years ago;
these are just the ones that mattered.]

Her answer?
'Box them up and put them in the attic.'

So here's what's going into hibernation until I officially move out of this house...
and which is probably bound for the attic or closet wherever I may live later on in life.

The bowling pin I got at my 5th birthday for hosting my party at the alley.
No lies, it's been displayed in my room ever since.
Also, I'm pretty sure I did it because my sister, Jenn, had one from her 7th birthday.
And I just thought it was the coolest.

Little league trophies from when my team placed.
1st and 2nd for basketball, 2nd for volleyball...
pretty sure I have most of my AJAA shirts still, too.
We thought we were cool.

The plate I was presented as one of the top 25 students in my class...hah.
Not that I'm not proud of it, but I hate when it's flaunted and when people exhaustingly told me congrats and whatnot.
I hate being the center of attention in most situations.
Even more embarrassing?
Before I banished it to my bedroom, my parents had it displayed in the main living room where everyone who came over could see it.
[Cool. Thanks, mom and dad.]

So for now, all of these things,
plus my old yearbooks and school things,
can join my stuffed animals in the attic indefinitely.
[And yes, I still have my old stuffed animals and books in the attic.
I want my future kids to enjoy them, too!]


Things I have way too much of?

I'm thinking it's time to get rid of those old ones I haven't watched since I was maybe 13.
[Agent Cody Banks and Clockstoppers, anyone?]

Seriously, it's a problem.
Maybe a third of those have been read cover to cover.
And I always tell myself I'll get back to them,
or I'll want to read something again later.
But no. I'm just lying to myself.
This is pretty much the only thing I hoard,
and it needs to change.

Three full baskets on the bed.
A half-full closet here.
A half-full closet at the Muncie house.
Two full dressers.
And at least three dirty loads.
My wardrobe needs a serious cleanse.
[Goodbye, AJAA tees.]


And then there's all the things I had forgotten about.

Like the telescope I got for Christmas when I was little.

And the mountain of hoodies I can't bring myself to downsize in my closet.

And the photo box full of prints that should be scanned into the computer.

This project could take a while.
I've got 18 days and counting...

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