DIY fever

Getting ready to move into a new apartment
means planning out cute decorating ideas
to make our space as homey as possible.

So of course, I've been cultivating
crazy amounts of ideas in my head all summer.

And thanks to Pinterest and fellow bloggers,
I have my work cut out for me in the next week...

I've had my eye on this pin for the past couple weeks...

...and have decided to make my own for the apartment.

I've sanded down this baby, and now just need to get some chalkboard paint:

It is much smaller, I know, but it'll do for us.

I've also been basically drooling over this clock:

However, it cost some $60
(or something like that.)

I figured I'll just pick up some cork
and a cheap clock to tear apart,
break out a black sharpie
and make my own.
I mean, this clock is basically the story of my life. ;)

I'm also working on covering my desk chair
and my ottoman to match my bedroom.
I've got this cute fabric in mind...

I've also got a few other wall art ideas in mind.
Planning on making some individual bulletin boards for schedules and stuff.
I've painted most of my furniture white,
and my friend is coming over Tuesday to mosaic the top of my nightstand for me!

All in all, I'm a little too excited for all of this.
(I like to geek out!)

I'll have results posted within the week.
(A.K.A. — probably when I move in!)

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