Friday Favorites

I move into my apartment on Monday...eek!

And that means I'll be cooking a lot more.
In true Friday Favorites fashion, here's the five recipes I can't wait to try!

1. Honey and Pecan-glazed Salmon

I absolutely love salmon.
It is by far my favorite fish.
And it's especially good with different glazes.
Not so sure I'll be able to get my roommates to try this, though ;)

2. Pepperoni Pizza Bites

These just look so tasty!
And they be perfect for party snacks.

3. Buffalo Chicken Rolls

If anyone loves buffalo chicken, it's me.
I live for spicy.
I bet these are delicious!

4. Slow Cooker Sausage Breakfast Casserole

While breakfast is a rare occasion during the week,
I love a good hearty breakfast on the weekends.
And if it cooks overnight, less work for tired me in the mornings!

5. Lime-infused Honey-crusted Chicken Breast

My favorite thing about chicken
is that you can do just about anything with it,
and it'll be good.
This recipes sound pretty darn delicious!

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