Decluttering life

1) Is 'decluttering' a real word? It is for now.

2) So it may not be immediate decluttering, but for spring nonetheless.

When I planned this fall semester last year, it was supposed to be a break. A less stressful, less busy semester with more sleep. But boy was I wrong. I'm busier than ever.

So I've done some reevaluating lately and have a plan to make sure next semester is better. I'm dropping my minor because I've taken all the classes that interest me and can still market those skills. I'm taking a class just because I want to, and it will be low stress and just fun. It will be the first time ever that I am in the minimum number of hours required for a full-time student, so I will have time for sleep, for me and for actually doing everything I envision with the student organizations I have a leadership role in. And who knows, maybe even a real part-time job.

Sound like I'm cluttering it back up with all that extra stuff? Wrong. I do most of that stuff now on top of a full course load. Except sleep. (That doesn't happen as often as it should.)

So I will be less busy. A little, at least. But what is there will be a good, less stress and more fun kind of busy.

And I can't wait.

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