5 a.m.

While I may be in the midst of another all-nighter, I still had plenty to be excited and thankful about today:

1. I have a job interview next week as a part-time designer with CCIM. Also known as the best college at Ball State. (Send good vibes my way!)

2. I may be getting to go back to England next May.Maybe.But a strong maybe. Because my awesome, England-obsessed journo prof is probably doing and Honors colloq about The Beatles. (Hello, Liverpool!)

3. I withdrew from a class that was just not necessary to completing my degree and just giving me extra work I don’t have time for. So hooray for decluttering life just a bit.

4. Getting super excited about the summer internships I’m applying for. Sure, going straight into a job would be nice, but there are so many great internship opportunities, and you can only transition from internships to jobs once. Might as well get my fill before it’s too late.

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