Weird things designers do

So, as I was cleaning up my disaster of a desk last night, I came across a book called '30-second Psychology.' And let's set a couple things straight. I am not a psych major or minor. While I find psychology a rather interesting subject, I just do not have time for extra reading and hobbies until post grad. Because then I'll have all the time in the world, right? ;)

Anyways, why did I buy this book? Because it was pretty. And it got me thinking, we designers are a pretty strange breed.

Enjoy the geekiness:

1. We buy things just because they are well-designed. Books, post cards, planners, place mats...really, anything.
2. We get more excited over free fonts than free music.
3. We have parties where you dress as fonts and play games with Helveticards. And, no, it was not Halloween.
4. We talk about our favorite designers and illustrators as if they are Britney Spears. And then we just get blank stares from the general population is. (Go learn who Jessica Hische is before you talk to me about typography and illustration.)
5. Ampersands are our favorite thing in the world.

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