More Than Corn: Canal Walk

So a long, long time ago, I created this post with the intent of seeking out the exciting parts of Indiana.
Until last night, I had not taken any initiative. (Oops.)

Better late than never.

Canal Walk

While I forgot to take my camera last night, it wasn't hard to find multitudes of pictures online of the canal in downtown Indianapolis. I love going there. The 3-mile loop around the entire canal makes for good leisurely exercise, especially when you're with friends who always make it a good time.

You can walk, jog, bike, even rent a paddle boat or gondola. They even have segway tours. You can check out the beautiful war memorial (the teal construction on the left side of the canal in the picture above). There are also gorgeous apartments and condos located on the canal. If I by some fate end up in Indiana when I grow up, my dream home would be one of these apartments. They are super expensive, though.

The canal is part of the White River cultural district, one of Indianapolis' six cultural districts. (I hope to make it to each district before I give up on this "More Than Corn" challenge!)

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