my dream dorm

So during my lazy day off, I came across a Bed, Bath, and Beyond catalog.

I have this little obsession with interior design and remodeling.
Seriously, I used to rearrange my room at least once a month when I was younger.

So of course this catalog is featuring all sorts of dorm decor since we all go back next month.
Needless to say, my creative juices started flowing and I started to envision my dream dorm room.

Here are some pieces that would be my inspiration:

I've been really into gray lately,
and I think this would really offset the other bright pieces I already have
to provide a good balance of color in the room.

I had a friend that had some of these in her dorm last year,
and I just thought they were great.
From reminders to roommate notes,
I could find a million uses for these!
And they come in cute colors :)

I'm always needing more storage,
but brown boxes are so boring.
I could throw just about anything in these cute storage bins
and not be worried about looking too cluttered.
(or about forgetting what I was putting away in the first place!)

I cannot stand plain white walls.
I love to hang up pictures that remind me that
there is something more out there.

While I could plan out my dream room forever, I just don't have that much time.
What would your dream room look like?

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