Lies I tell myself

Sometimes, a little denial is OK. Other times, it becomes a problem and action should probably be taken. These little lies I tell myself every day are kind of in limbo between the two.

1. I will get more done in Starbucks where there is no comfy bed lulling me to sleep. Wrong. Because even though I won't be snuggling with a pillow, the second biggest distraction is still present: the internet. It's more of an excuse to buy overpriced coffee while I procrastinate. That said, I'm in Starbucks right now writing this post while my books are still in my bag. Cool times.

2. I'll watch just one more episode, then go to sleep/do my homework/get out of the house. You know, that's the thing about TV shows. When it's a drama, every episode ends in a cliff-hanger. And you just have to know what happens next, right away. Or if you're watching YouTube, it's a black hole in itself, because one video leads to a slew of others. You just can't win until it's so late you pass out.

3. I'll wake up early tomorrow. It will happen. No, no it won't. Did you see what I just wrote about one more episode? Well you are up half the night watching pointless TV, you are going to sleep in until noon if you have nothing else to be up for. I have always wanted to be a morning person, but that wish is a long way from coming true.

4. It's OK to survive on peanut butter sandwiches and ravioli for 10 weeks. It just isn't. While peanut butter sandwiches are good no matter how old you are, and $1 cans of ravioli hit the spot every time, that just isn't healthy. Two weeks has been acceptable-ish, but I need to go to a real grocery store. (I promise, this is not what happens during the school year. It's just way more expensive by yourself!)

5. You will win the jackpot next time you go to Vegas. Get real.

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