An open letter to the jetty at Provincetown

Dear jetty,

You beautiful, mesmerizing jetty.

You are a tricky little fella. You make a girl think 'Oh, 1.2 miles is nothing. That doesn't look too bad.' And then you reveal your true self. That isn't a leisurely stroll along the waters. It's a hike.

Don't get me wrong. You were beautiful, and well worth it. But just for the record, my leg muscles still hate you right now.

Also, your friends the sand dunes are also on my love/hate relationship list. I just wanted to visit Mr. Lighthouse in the distance. I figured I had already come over a mile, let's just go a little further then go back.

But no, I ended up stranded on the other side of the dunes with no way to get back. My own footprints stretched behind me like a wanderer in the desert.

I finally cut back over at a place I'm not sure I was supposed to be walking, just to find I had overshot the jetty by about a half mile or so.

You can just imagine my joy. Both literally — because I was glad to actually not be lost anymore — but also sarcastically — for all I wanted was to be back at my car, but I still had to fight back to the jetty before even trekking back across it.

OK, so this is starting to sound all bitter. I'm sorry. My pain is a good one, because you know, exercise is good for you and all.

And it really was quite beautiful. I even sat down for a minute at the end of the jetty and wrote before crossing back, as if I were some modern day Henry David Thoreau. Yeah, no use. It was really just an excuse to rest.

But I made it back. I conquered you Mr. Jetty. I am am ecstatic. Because this is prettiest piece of world I have seen in a long time. I'm not even mad at you for only giving me a short time to walk through the actual town of Provincetown.

The view — and the workout — were well worth it.

I may even visit you again.


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