Karaoke, sore muscles and tan lines

To say it has been an eventful few days out here in Las Vegas would be an understatement.

Saturday I was picked up from the airport and promptly headed to Fremont Street. We celebrated Cinco de Mayo with some crappy Mexican and undrinkable margaritas. (I had to ask for something to dilute it because it was so strong!) Then we just hung out, drinking and gambling and singing. Yes, my two sisters and I did karaoke. I still can't believe that happened. Just like I can't believe that guy in the last photo above photo bombed us. Props, dude.

Sunday we decided the cure to hangovers was some hiking. On the way out to Red Rock we stopped in Blue Diamond to visit the wild burros. (They weren't out last time I was there!) Then we spent some time in the Calico Hills and the water fall trails. And as per usual, my muscles were super sore the next day. (Totally worth it though.) Caleb was sorely limited because he had a little cousin following him, but everyone still had a great time. I can't count how many times Jared fell that day though. On a trail because he was telling people to 'look out for the cactus!' and in the sub shop while picking up dinner...and that's just to name a couple.

That night we ate at the Planet Hollywood buffet. So expensive, but really good. I mean, buffets in Vegas are sort of an experience in themselves ;)  Then we headed over to the Bellagio to check out the conservatory. It was so pretty for spring, with flowers galore, a carousel and brick bridge over a pond. Then we got outside just in time for the 8:30 fountain show.

Monday, my mom and the Kempf clan left at an ungodly morning hour, and Caleb had to go back to school. But Jenn still had the day off, so we hit up Cabo Wabo for lunch on the patio and some people watching. Then we walked through the Cosmo and Aria before heading back for an afternoon at the pool. And I officially have my first tan lines in over a year! 

I got some In-N-Out (animal style!) on our way to the Palms in the evening. We gambled a little then saw "The Lucky One." The movie? Pretty good. The theater? Needs better security. About halfway though the movie Jenn suddenly leans forward and is like "Do you hear that? I swear there is something behind these seats!" I look down the row and the guy that had moved there previously was gone. We move down a row, whispering about it, and this girl in the next row tells us what she saw, too. This guy had been sliding up the stairs on the ground! We saw him pop up at the other end of the back row from where we were, (meaning he had to have gone behind us between the seats and wall!) climb out, pull up his hood to shield his face and run down the stairs to leave. We were pretty freaked out, along with the other girl who had witnessed it. SO CREEPY.

I don't think we will go to any more movies there...

Nonetheless, I have about 24 more hours before I head back to Indiana for a couple days. Just enough time to catch up with my friend Megan who moved out here in December to work at the Las Vegas Sun!

I'd say it has been a pretty successful vacation. :)

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